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Ways to Participate in Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2024

It’s almost time for the epic online event celebrating diversity in children’s literature known as Multicultural Children’s Book Day/Read Your World! This event is celebrating its tenth anniversary with on and offline book-related festivities January 25, 2024.



Read Your World is a non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness about children’s books that celebrate diversity and to get more of these books into the hands of readers. With the alarming increase in children’s books being challenged and banned, it is more important than ever to give kids access to diverse stories.


Celebrated annually on the last Thursday in January, this global non-profit offers many free resources, teaching tools, booklists, downloads, and a year-round initiative to get multicultural and diverse books into the hands of young readers.



To date, they have donated over 10,800+ books to underserved kids, classrooms, and organizations, and that number continues to climb.


They also create resources to help readers, educators, librarians, parents, and caretakers find the necessary diverse books.


This hard-working nonprofit does this in many ways including donating books to reviewers and classroom libraries.


They also provide book lists and classroom kits to help parents, guardians, teachers, librarians, and readers find the diverse children’s books they need.


If that wasn’t enough, they always advocate for teen/Ya/children’s book creators through their weekly Ig Live Interview series.


Read the Summary of the Read Your World Event HERE.




Anyone and everyone can help teachers celebrate the MCBD2024 holiday by giving them a Read Your World Teacher Celebration Kit consisting of 3 diverse children’s books, book swag for their students, and a teacher’s guide for one of the books so that they can celebrate in their classrooms



For each $100 the Read Your World Team receives, they can send out 1 Read Your World Teacher Celebration Kit to a teacher who wants to join in the celebration in January. This is a gift that keeps giving as teachers can use this kit over and over again each year.



  • 3 Diverse Children’s Books + Book Swag = $60
  • Shipping, Packaging Materials, and Handling = $25
  • Administrative Cost = $15


Funding a single Read Your World Teacher Celebration Kit costs $100.

Click here to Fund an Off-Line Classroom Celebration Kits for Teachers


FREE Children’s Books! Sign up to be a book reviewer for Multicultural Children’s Book Day:!


Follow these hashtags on social media #ReadYourWorld #kidlit


Go HERE to sign up for their newsletter.


Go HERE to donate.




Go HERE to get a free book for your classroom.

Go HERE to find the diverse book you are looking for using our Book Lists.

Go HERE for our free classroom kits on a variety of topics.

Go HERE for weekly Ig Live Interview series with amazing diverse authors and publishers.





Go HERE to be a sponsor. There are various sponsorship levels and rates and tremendous perks for being part of this event.



Are you an author and would love to participate in Multicultural Children’s Book Day but don’t have the budget for an author sponsorship?

  1. Publishers can buy Author Sponsorships on behalf of their authors. Ask them to sponsor you! Send them this link and tell them they can fund you for author sponsorship for only $129. 
  2. You can have your book reviewed. Sign up here to get reviews.
  3. You can donate your book which will be sent to a school or used in the virtual party’s giveaway.  Click here to donate a book. 


Learn more about this important event and the authors, advisors, thought leaders, organizations, and publishers who support the mission of getting diverse books into the hands of under-served kids while spotlighting the authors who create these much-needed books by visiting the Read Your World website.

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