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National Handwriting Day 2024

National Handwriting Day 2024 is just around the corner (January 23rd), and the AP Team wants to take a moment to remember why this observance is important and how you and your family can celebrate.


Invented in 1977, National Handwriting Day was established by The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) when educators began to feel that the art of handwriting was getting lost as a skill. It is celebrated on The twenty-third of January as John Hancock’s birthday. And as you recall, Mr. Hancock’s signature was one of the most important ones in history as The Declaration of Independence.


And don’t even get me started about the youngest generation not knowing, doing, or being able to read cursive handwriting!


But first, here are some ways to Celebrate National Handwriting Day via


Write a Letter. …
Draw a Doodle.
Color in a Coloring Book.
Learn What Your Handwriting Says About You.
Analyze Handwriting Styles from the Past.
Create a Vision Board.
Practice Your Signature.


Did you know how we write reflects what we are like as humans? Many professionals believe that our handwriting can reveal some of our personality traits.


For instance, if you have very neat handwriting, you could be the type of person who is very mindful about what they do. You prefer peace over chaos.



If your handwriting is more on the sloppy side, you could be someone whose mind is always way ahead of their actions.


Studies have shown that many geniuses have almost unreadable handwriting because their brains are already on to the next project/task/thought.



If you are someone who like to experiment with line weights, flair, and style when writing, you are very likely a very creative thinker.



Handwriting is such an expressive and artistic way to communicate. 


What will you write today?