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Go Hygge With Your Favorite Holiday Comfort Foods & Treats

It’s Hygge Season! In case you are unclear as to what exactly that means, check out this Audrey Press post.



Its no secret that certain foods tend to soothe and comfort us, especially in winter. Also known as “comfort foods,” these foods/treats/meals make us feel happy in the tummy, which makes our overall self HAPPY.


Comfort foods like stews, casseroles, pot pies, homemade breads, and baked goods bring a sense of well-being and can elevate mood, especially on a long and cold winter day.



Curling up by the fire with a warm bowl of soup and a cozy blanket can transform your day just like that.


Baking and cooking are a big part of the hygge mentality, especially with family and close friends.



Keeping traditions alive using old family recipes is a great hygge habit.


The thought of putting Great Grandma’s apple-cinnamon pie recipe is bound to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.


Take this feeling of peace, nostalgia, and comfort one step further by passing these precious recipes and traditions on to the younger generations.


Establishing traditional family recipes of your own is also a fun holiday hygge activity. Decide together what type of comfort food you all would like to learn to make.


Hot dishes, stews, and build-your-own waffle nights are big at our house and perfect for the colder months.


Hygge holidays are even better when comfort foods are used to spread the holiday cheer. Gifting your favorite homemade holiday treats will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. Cookies, pies, and holiday fudge are all great choices for gift-giving. Wrap them up in some festive cellophane for transport and add in a handwritten card of good wishes.


Comfort meals are also thoughtful, especially when given to a friend or loved one who leads a super busy lifestyle. What better gift than not worrying about what to make for dinner that night? Comfort foods like lasagna, soups, and casseroles tend to travel well and reheat easily.

Holiday cheer is always enriched with gracious gift-giving.


What foods will you contribute to your Hygge Holiday this year?