Never Miss a Beat

Here’s an Idea: Let’s Celebrate Beautiful YOU

Happy New Year!



The Audrey Press Team hopes the upcoming year is filled with love, abundance, health, and, of course, BOOKS!


Our newsfeeds are bursting at the seams lately with all sort of things we can do to “create New Year’s Resolutions” or create better versions of ourselves.


That’s all fine, but we want to take some time to embrace our beautiful selves just the way we are right now. So, hear this:



You are not broken


You are not damaged.


You are not “less than.”


There’s nothing wrong with your wrinkles, creases, love handles, and freckles.


You are a Beautiful You


You are enough.


You deserve only the best for you right in this moment in time.


People love you for your laugh, your spirit, your heart, your kindness, your curiosity, and so much more. NOT for your waist size, bank account amount, social status, the size of your house, and what color your hair or skin are.


So let’s put all those “improve yourself now!” messages on pause (or in a hypothetical trash can) and be thrilled with who you are TODAY.


You are pretty darn awesome. Believe it. 🙂