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Marine Toys for Tots’ Gift of Literacy to Kids-in-Need

Since 2008, the Toys for Tots Literacy Program has worked to help break the cycle of poverty by giving America’s underprivileged youth the gift of literacy – the essential cornerstone of a successful and healthy life. 

Given the statistics, this mission is more important than ever before. 

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Approximately 37% of American fourth graders read below their appropriate grade level – a disadvantage that affects a student’s ability to excel in every aspect of scholastic life. That means over a third of American children are falling behind before they reach middle school, and many of them are from families that simply can’t afford to provide the necessary books and educational resources to help their children.

Toys for Tots is dedicated to ensuring that economic hardship isn’t a barrier to a child’s success – and that all children deserve a chance to reach their full potential. Since the launch of their Literacy Program, they’ve delivered over 57 million books to impoverished children – including more than 4.1 million books in 2023 alone.

“Our goal is to dramatically change the landscape for economically disadvantaged children and provide books and educational resources to ensure their future success,” said Lt.Gen James B. Laster, USMC (Retired), CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. “By getting books into the hands of struggling students, we are helping them become their best selves.”

“With the help of our generous supporters, I know we can break the cycle of illiteracy and give every child the tools needed for a bright and successful future,” he added.

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