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Mesmerizing Summer Reading PART TWO


It’s that time of year again when keeping young minds engaged, learning, and reading is a priority for many parents and caregivers. If you are searching for some mesmerizing and intriguing new books for your kids, here are some recommendations for all ages PART TWO!


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I Will Always Love You (The Unconditional Love Series Book 4) by Michael Wong



I Will Always Love You takes you on an emotional journey, from falling in love as you breathe in your baby’s sweet scent, through the highs and lows of childhood and adulthood, to life going full circle, where your child falls in love as they breathe in their own baby’s sweet scent for the first time.

This beautiful, rhyming story will touch deep into your heart and evoke feelings of love and affection for your little one.

This beautifully illustrated picture book is a heartwarming gift whatever the occasion: baby shower, new baby, adoption, or just to say, “I love you.”

Join thousands of teachers, grandparents, and parents, and discover why so many love and recommend Michael Wong’s “Unconditional Love Series” of empowering children’s picture books.


Dancing in Thatha’s Footsteps by Srividhya Venkat



On Sundays, Varun has his karate lesson, and his sister Varsha heads to dance school with their grandfather. One weekend, Varun reluctantly accompanies his sister to her lesson. Bored of waiting, he peeks into the classroom, and almost immediately, he is fascinated by the rhythm and grace of bharatanatyam, a dance from India that Varsha is learning to perfect.


Varun tries a few moves at home in secret because…well, boys don’t dance, do they? His grandfather is not so sure. Will Thatha be able to convince Varun to dance in his footsteps?


A heartwarming picture book about a multigenerational Indian-American family discovering a shared love for bharatanatyam, an ancient classical dance that continues to fascinate dancers worldwide.


Middle Reader


Sofia Martinez: Sofia’s Party Shoes by Jacqueline Jules



Sofia finally gets to attend her first quinceanera! Her mom even buys her some new shoes. But when Sofia ruins her new shoes before the big party, Sofia might not get to attend after all. This early chapter book from the Sofia Martinez series includes Spanish words in the text, a Spanish glossary, discussion questions, and writing prompts.


Kingston and the Magic Stone: A Decodable Chapter Book (The Science of Reading Decodable Readers)by Adam Free



This engaging story follows the adventures of Kingston, a boy wizard, and his pet crow Crowly as they explore ancient magic ruins. Kingston and Crowly stumble upon a mysterious magic stone while exploring the ruins, but they soon discover that evil wizards are after the stone too! Will Kingston be able to keep the stone safe from harm?


“Kingston and the Magic Stone” is a great addition to any child’s library, with features including:

  • Decodable chapter book that follows the principles of The Science of Reading and Orton Gillingham, perfect for struggling readers and those with dyslexia.
  • Short chapters that are perfect for first and second-grade students.
  • Extra large print for dyslexic readers.
  • Structured literacy that aids in building reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Easy chapter books that are perfect for young readers to develop reading confidence.
  • Wizard books for kids that explore the magic of the wizarding world.

This book includes words that are one and two-syllable, short vowels, digraphs, beginning consonant blends, vowel teams, silent e, and controlled r words.

Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure with Kingston and Crowly! Order your “Kingston and the Magic Stone” copy today and watch your child’s reading skills soar!




Magnus Grimm Versus The Academy of Doom: Part 1 by David Folker



When a Level 99 adventurer from another dimension warps into our world, things don’t quite go according to plan. Restarting at Level 1 was an unexpected setback. So was the discovery that magic doesn’t exist. Oh, and landing in the world’s harshest academy didn’t help either. It’s a place where students are spied upon and bullies reign supreme.


But when students start to suffer mysterious ‘accidents’, Magnus suspects foul play. Is it a conspiracy? Or have the monsters followed him to Earth? Good thing a new hero is in town.


Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert



Bradley Graeme is pretty much perfect. He’s a star football player, manages his OCD well (enough), and comes out on top in all his classes . . . except the ones he shares with his ex-best friend, Celine.
Celine Bangura is conspiracy-theory-obsessed. Social media followers eat up her takes on everything from UFOs to holiday overconsumption—yet, she’s still not cool enough for the popular kids’ table. Which is why Brad abandoned her for the in-crowd years ago. (At least, that’s how Celine sees it.)

These days, there’s nothing between them other than petty insults and academic rivalry. So when Celine signs up for a survival course in the woods, she’s surprised to find Brad right beside her.

Forced to work as a team for the chance to win a grand prize, these two teens must trudge through not just mud and dirt but their messy past. And as this adventure brings them closer together, they begin to remember the good bits of their history. But has too much time passed . . . or just enough to spark a whole new kind of relationship?



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