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Since 2010, Audrey Press has been dedicated to empowering others on their journey of self-discovery with content that connects, inspires, and educates.

What started off as children’s book publishing, expanded into a dynamic resource for multimedia content. From best-selling books by award-winning authors to unique courses in the personal development space. Our reach has grown.

As our multimedia content expands, so does our vision and mission for Audrey Press. We aim to heal and connect through self-discovery.


Our mission is to create tools to transform and inspire a path of renewal, discovery, and soulful nourishment.


The healing journey is one we often take alone. We are hand-in-hand with you as you realign and live life vibrantly.

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When it comes to finding balance and purpose in your life, all you have is right now. The past is unchangeable. The future is unknown. The now is here.

Now is when you can directly influence your actions to reduce anxiety, conquer imposter syndrome, and anything else that is holding you back from living the vibrant and enriching life you deserve.

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