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Windows, Mirrors and Portals | Why Diverse Picture Books are so Needed

Children\’s books are like a portal to a new world or adventure that invites young readers into the world imagination and exploration. Books are also way to allow for world travel without ever leaving your zip code.

Books are a way for kids to \”see themselves\” in the pages of the stories they read. The term \”windows and mirrors\” in regards to diverse kids\’ literature has been used quite a bit these days by everyone from children\’s book curator Scholastic to groups like IBBY.

Viewing literature through a lens of windows and mirrors helps us understand that, in addition to texts being stories to be enjoyed, they are powerful tools of social justice. In the primary and intermediate grades as we are devoting copious amounts of time to helping students become proficient readers, we must remember that students are discovering their place in school and world, and the texts we provide access to inform this discovery.Scholastic guest writer, Chad Everette

I would like to point out that Rudine Simms Bishop coined the terms in her 1990 article \”Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors\”originally published in The Ohio State University Perspectives: Choosing and Using Books for the Classroom. Vo6. no3. Summer1990.

The bottom line is that the phrase is spot on when it comes to sharing children\’s books of all topics and varieties.

Why Diverse Picture Books are so Needed

The next generation of young readers is also blessed by the fact that is has never been easier for authors to publish quality books. Organizations like We Need Diverse Books have fought to shift perspectives and tactics in the publishing world and the result is that diverse topics and authors of color are now experiencing a freedom to write and publishing beautiful children\’s books like never before.

Non-profit organizations like Multicultural Children\’s Book Day have also spent the last five years tirelessly raising awareness of the importance of diversity in children\’s literature while working to get multicultural books into the hands of readers, parents, teachers and librarians.

We live in such a beautiful, yet tense, world these days and we need to arm our kids with the tools they will need to navigate life in a strong, open minded, confident way. Diverse books can be a window, mirror and portal to helping the next generation live in our diverse world and appreciating the differences while embracing their own unique qualities. If you are one of the looking to discover new diverse YA or Kids\’ books titles, you are in luck-the amount of resources and booklists are vast. Here are some of my top picks:

Why Diverse Picture Books are so Needed | Great Resources and Booklists


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diverse books about strong girls\

Mia Wenjen from Pragmaticmom

Diverse booklists for kids\

Jump Into a Book

Jump Into a Book Booklists\

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