\”Double-Blooded\” Vampires and Teen Witches | Ascension by Hannah Rials

If you are a #YA reader who loves suspense and intrigue-you will be fascinated by this modern-day teenage romance filled with \”double-blooded\” vampires and revenge-seeking witches.

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Steeped in the rich history of New Orleans, readers will be plunged into a world of the Deuxsang; “two blooded” teen vampires, who are trying to navigate the web of lies surrounding thousands of years of the family legacy. Deuxsang teen, Cheyenne and her forbidden love, Eli, embark on a very different, and vastly more dangerous, journey as the net of betrayal tightens around them. This intense and fresh novel is enchanting, engrossing and impossible to put down right up to the cliffhanger ending. Remember, the end is not the end.

Ascension by Hannah Rials | The Saga Begins

\”I was actually 12 years old when I started Ascension, \” Hannah shared. \”I woke up from a dream with the idea of writing about a community of vampires. It was around the time when the whole Twilight series was hot and binge-reading the series was a “thing.” I read the whole series in a week and I think that is where the idea of vampires got in my head and I started reading other similar books like Vampire Academy by Michelle Mead. All of this inspiration feeds my desire to create Cheyenne Lane\’s journey.\”

As the then teen author matured and evolved, so did the story. The title of the book has evolved and changed with the book over the years as well and Hannah shared that the process of picking the final title of a book is a very painstaking one. \”

My publisher Valarie Budayr, our editor and I thought about it and talked about it a lot and wrote down tons of words and ideas. We liked the idea of one word for the title and when Valarie came up with the term Ascension, I knew that was what the title of my book should be. The title plays into the book especially at the beginning and it\’s a title that seems to resonate with readers as well.\”

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Ascension by Hannah Rials\

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