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Audrey Press Year In Review Plus a FREE Gift!

Despite the fact the Mayans thought we were going “poof” on 12 21 12, I am happy to be here and reflecting on yet another amazing year.  Since you all have been such a big part of the success and victories of 2012, I hope you will enjoy a quick recap. Maybe you will see a familiar face, a happy moment, or a favorite book on this list. Either way, I hope you enjoy the look back :)\Valarie


Much of our victories in 2013 centered around our good friend “Charlie.” The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory launched as an enhanced e-book on June 21st 2012 on iTunes on the iBookstore and it was off to the races.

Charlie pdf:  Thanks to overwhelming requests and feedback from readers, we opted to spread the \”Charlie love\” to our friends and readers who asked for a \”screen-free\’ version of Charlie\’s wonderful story and activities. PRESTO: The Ultimate Guide to Charlie in PDF version was born.

Charlie #1 (only Indie in the top 100): What a wild ride it was! On special for the whole month of December The Ultimate Guide to Charlie was in the #1 spot on the iBookstore. Fueled by Charlie buzz, holiday shopping, and an awesome 50% off the $7.99 price, Charlie was like a rocket on the charts.

As of 12/26/12, Charlie was still not only charting, but still listed on the \”What\’s Hot\” list and #225 in all book sales. We are still holding the price at $3.99, so if you have not gotten your copy, do it soon! Visit iTunes HERE.



The Fox Diaries on iTunes! It was a great victory for us to offer our beloved Fox Diaries on Nook and on the iBookstore for our readers.

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Wins QED Award!!: Publishing Innovation Awards Bestows Prestigious QED Seal to The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

QED Award\

 FREE e-Book Friday: This Friday was created due to fact we are always on the look-out for awesome free children’s books that can be read and enjoyed over the weekend. Here\’s some of our favorites:

Burly and Grum and the Secret City

My Father\’s Dragon-Ruth Stiles Gannett

Just Because: An Interactive Book by Amber Housey

 What Does It Mean To Be Green (Little Pickle Press)

Memorable Guests:


The Secret to Following Your Dreams by Jamie Ridler


Jeff Goins: Q&A With Jeff Goins-Author of the new book Wrecked

Jeff Goins\

The Importance of Book Bloggers to Indie Authors– Guest Post from Author Deanna Sletten

Deanna Sletten\

 Author Interview Margi Preus-A Lesson in Perseverance Margi Preus\

Events, Happenings, and Other Fun Stuff:


Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month: Just for fun, we decided to take a day and walk in an Editors shoes. This Q&A was full of insightful thoughts, fun comments, and surprising answers. Enjoy!


Take Aways, Authors, and Connections: My Trip to Book Expo America 2012

Book EXpo America\

To Meet in Paris: Thoughts and Pictures From Across The Big Pond: Not only was this a cherished trip with my family,but  it also marked the first time I was able to meet with The Fox Diaries and The Ultimate Guide to Charlie book designer Roscoe Welply. Like everyone else at Audrey Press, Roscoe and I have always worked virtually together via basecamp, email and Skype, but this was our first time meeting face-to-face and what a wonderful treat it was!

Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply\

Meet The Team Tuesday-Audrey Press in Memphis: Along the same lines of meeting Roscoe in person was my trip in May to meet the BizEase Support Solutions team for the very first time. Many of us have worked together over 6 1/2 years, built two to three companies, and have created wonderful relationships. I couldn’t have picked a nicer group of people to “kick it” with.

A Huge LiveStream Event: Jump into a Book and the Waldorf Connection decided to take the airwaves by storm in November and  hosted a Live-stream celebration and giveaway like no other.

The Golden Ticket Giveaway: Our biggest and most successful giveaway to date had to have been September\’s Golden Ticket Giveaway. With the help of the Audrey Press team and 5 Very Special Bloggers, we gave away an Apple iPad and a handful of other gifts. A good time was had by all!


A First Birthday!: Back on January 18, 2012 we celebrated the first birthday of Audrey Press. It was a happy day, and as you can tell by the date, our second birthday is just around the corner as well! If you want the scoop on all the details and excitement be sure and subscribe to this blog. We are thrilled for what our big SECOND b-day may bring!

Audrey Press birthday\


As our way of saying \”Thank You\” for such an amazing 2012, we want you to have the opportunity to print your own…..

Download copy of The Book-Jumper’s Manifesto Tree:


Hand-crafted by the imaginative mind of The Fox Diaries and The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’s graphic/book designer Roscoe Welply, this fun, fact-filled, and colorful poster will help shed some light on the question “what is a book jumper?”

See you in 2013 🙂