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9 Must Read Blogging & Social Media Posts for Writers

Social Media for Writers\

Happy New Year! We are BACK.

This week (the first week of January) I have come across a ton of really good blog-related links are articles. Here\’s what I found:

It\’s The New Year-Have You Told Your Blog? Update the Copyright Date on Your Blog or WebsiteKathy Stucker

12 Most Snappy Headline Writing Tips For Your Blog:

4 Ways to Create Community on Your Blog in 2013: The SITS Girls

Create Community on Your Blog\

5 Ways to Stay in Front of your Blogging Goals: Geekless Tech

12 Must-Do Tasks for the New WordPress Site Owner: Copyblogger

Blogger Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Photos You Don\’t Own on Your Blog: BlogHer

Where To Get Photos For Your Blog: WriterLand

Photoshop Elements for Bloggers: a Video Workshop: The Blog Maven

Photoshop for Bloggers\

Anyone else found any really good blog-related links this week?