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The Ultimate Guide To Charlie\’s Golden Ticket Giveaway! (Win an iPad!)



Greeting Fans, Friends and book lovers! Oh my, what hectic-crazy-beautiful-exciting past few weeks we have had!

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been popping up in TV Interviews, and even in the latest Rhythm of the Home on-line magazine edition. We are thrilled, and just trying to keep up!

Our newly launched Ultimate Guide to Charlie  is garnering rave reviews and co-creators Roscoe Welply and Valarie Budayr are over-the-moon proud of the support and enthusiasm behind Charlie. They are especially proud of this review and video at The DailyAppShow, mainly because it shows reader’s first-hand how The Ultimate Guide to Charlie works. Charlie has also made Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup’s list of The Top 14 iPad Books for Kids.  Thank you Melissa!

The Top 14 iPad Books for Kids\
The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory has made Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup\’s list of the Top 14 iPad Books for Kids!


The cherry on the Ice Cream Sunday was when Charlie was awarded the coveted QED award. The QED Seal, which stands for Quality, Excellence, and Design, is the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for e-books. It signals to an e-book reader that the title will render well in whatever their preferred reading format and that they can buy with confidence. This is a BIG DEAL for us!  Read more about this awesome award on the Charlie blog HERE

Quality Excellence Design QED Award\’s what we are super excited about Right.Now. Mark your calendars for September 13. This will be a very special day because it is the beginning of our…(drum roll)…

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’s Golden Ticket Giveaway!!!

We have hidden an image of a Golden Ticket on five Very Special Blogs. Find the images, copy the urls, and head over the Ultimate Charlie website to enter to WIN!

The Golden Ticket Giveaway\
The Golden Ticket Giveaway. Enter to win an Apple iPad!

One lucky winner will win a brand spank-in new Apple iPad with The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and several other KiteReaders books already loaded on it! There will be several secondary prizes as well (gift cards for iTunes and Amazon) and we HIGHLY recommend you stay on top of the action by subscribing to our Charlie newsletter HERE. That way you will get the inside scoop as soon as the giveaway goes live AND be in the first wave of people to discover WHO the 5 Very Special Bloggers are!

So our adventures with Charlie continue and we just can’t wait to see where the path unfolds next. But with the Golden Ticket Giveaway, we can take YOU along on the adventure.

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