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The Ultimate Guide to Charlie is ROCKIN IT and we Want to CELEBRATE!

Things are CRAZY busy here at Audrey Press.

Valarie is doing interviews like crazy, Charlie is winning awards, and it\’s all we can do to keep up!

The Ultimate Guide To Charlie\

BUT, it\’s a \”good thing\” and it makes us want to kick-up-our heels and CELEBRATE…and do it BIG.

How big?  you may be asking?

Like Free iPad Giveaway BIG!

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie\

Starting on September 13th, we will be offering up the Golden Ticket Giveaway. The Grand Prize is a brand-spankin-new Apple iPad loaded with “Charlie” and several other enhanced digital eBooks from KiteReaders!

Can I get \”Heck YEAH!\”?

FIVE Very Special Blogs will be hosting this iPad giveaway that includes prizes of Gift Cards from Amazon, iTunes, and more.

Want to know who the 5 Very Special Blogs are? Well, we can’t reveal it quite yet, but if you want the Insider’s Scoop the day the Giveaway begins, head over to our Ultimate Guide to Charlie Sign-up page HERE.

We are SUPER proud and SUPER excited to share the “Charlie Magic” with all of you, but in case you are not sure what all the hub-bub is about, check out all the cool info and goodies about The Ultimate Guide to Charlie at these sites:

If you haven’t seen this great review from the DailyAppShow, take 3 minutes and watch. This is a perfect of example of what Charlie is “about.”

The Ultimate Guide To Charlie Facebook Page. “Like” us HERE


Visit the Ultimate Guide To Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and read about co-creators Valarie Budayr and the very talented Roscoe Welply HERE.

AND…keep checking back! More details to come on this uber exciting Golden Ticket Giveaway!