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The Golden Ticket Giveaway is Coming!




The Golden Ticket Giveaway is Coming!


Tomorrow (September 13th ) is the Big Day for the launch of our much anticipated Golden Ticket Giveaway in honor of our Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory enhanced digital ebook!

The Ultimate Guide To Charlie\

A Quick Recap:

ENTER our Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win an Apple iPad loaded with our Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and several other KiteReaders books!!! This giveaway runs for 10 days and we\’d LOVE it if you shared this exciting giveaway with your friends and family.

WHERE? The Rafflecopter Giveway will be hosted on our Ultimate Guide to Charlie blog HERE.To find the Golden Tickets you will have to visit 5 Very Special Blogs to locate the image images and make note of the URLs of the pages they are on.

The Golden Ticket Giveaway\
Locate the images of the Golden Ticket on our 5 Very Special Blogs and enter to WIN an Apple iPad!

HOW? So rev up your keyboard, send the kiddos to school, get your typing fingers warmed up, and get ready to delve into some delightful reading! Tomorrow we will be revealing our five Very Special Blogs that will be hosting the hidden image of the Golden Tickets. Locate all five images (one on each blog), copy and paste the URL, and use that information to enter the Golden Ticket Rafflecopter on the Charlie website! Easey Peasey. (more details to come).

If you haven\’t already signed up for the Charlie Newsletter, please do so HERE. THEN…watch for the next email with all the with the links, guidelines, and details.

Thank you for being a part of this fun Charlie adventure!