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Foxes In Winter

This winter brings us new visits from our foxes. One of our first babies, Hulda is now a  2 yr old vixen ready to have a family of her own.  We hear them at night and see them running through our forest. The early morning hours sees them quietly moving through our yard. As Hulda gets ready to have a family of her own, I\’m reading the Audrey Press production of The Fox Diaries for our future digital release for ibooks and the nook this spring. I never tire of seeing, observing, or interacting with them. Their presence here is a wonderment.


Though it looks as if hunting in winter would be a difficult feat, the fox\’s incredible hearing lends itself well to finding it\’s next meal. I had the pleasure of watching this BBC video recently of this beautiful red fox hunting in winter. As his head tilts from side to side, he is hearing where his next meal might be. My favorite part is what we call the \”dinner dive\”. It\’s so fun to watch.


As we watch our little fox family survive the winter, we too are huddled up in our den (studio) busily creating the next Audrey Press projects to go out the door. Here\’s to creative winter days.

What do you find yourself creating in the middle of winter?


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