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The Fox Diaries is on Better World Books!

Better World Books\

Better World  Books is a wonderful organization that uses the power of business to change the world. Better World collects and sells books online and then donates books and fund literacy initiatives worldwide. Every time you buy a book at Better World Books, they donate a book to someone in need.

AND…..The Fox Diaries: The Year The Foxes Came To Our Garden is available at Better World Books!

The Fox Diaries is available at Better World Books!\

A Little History On Better World Books.

In 2002, 3 university students began selling textbooks online. Though their business thrived, they wanted to further their business by enhancing literacy worldwide by gathering used books meant for the landfill and selling them.

Their business model is a conscious and compassionate one, allowing them to take what is already here i.e. books, and generate revenue to support literacy and make a profit. They have an active employee profit sharing program which makes everyone an integral part of the business.

Here are some ways they contribute to literacy:

  • They take old books from libraries and sell them. Part of the proceeds are given back to the library to purchase new books.
  • Better World Books supports book drives, collecting used books and text books. They gather them from a network of 1,800 college campuses and partnerships with 3000 libraries nationwide.

To date, Better World Books has converted more than 80 million pounds of books into $10,407,405.00 raised for literacy and libraries. 66,579,689 books have been reused or recycled.

Be sure and head over to their Facebook Page and LIKE them. Liking their page will put a book in a child in need\’s hands.

For each book you buy, one book is given. They have the best prices anywhere plus free shipping.

If you are considering buying books for work, pleasure, or gifts for upcoming holidays, please consider buying from Better World Books and make an impact on global literacy.

If you want to get a copy of The Fox Diaries AND help out someone in need with the gift of a book, head over to Better World Books .