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Mousy Brown's House

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Here\’s a vision for you:

It isn\’t with just everyone that I sit in front of a coal lit fire in my gnome pyjamas, knitting a hat, and singing a long while I watch GLEE. But that\’s just the sort of friend that EM is.

This past January I popped over to Wales to wish my dear friend Emily a happy 40th birthday. In those short 5 days we bonded the friendship that had started off as blogging comments to solidify the fact that we had a sisterly sort of friendship. We love to take photos, knit. We celebrated her birthday by learning how to crochet. We have an affinity for old and vintage. Thanks for sending my royal mugs Em.  We love gardening but most of all I think we love mothering the most.


So as the blog tour makes it\’s way around the world I had to stop in and visit my buddy Emily to celebrate and share this momentous occasion. Emily is the happy blogger over at Mousy Brown\’s House.

Emily does more with a pillowcase than anyone I know. They just aren\’t for sleeping anymore. She\’s made tablecloths, curtains, market bags, aprons, I think coasters too. Anyway if you have a pillowcase that you want to sleep on , you better hide it or it will be magically re-purposed.


Her home is warm and welcoming with a kettle boiling and books everywhere.


She has a way of making moments magical. The time I spent with EM and her family are just precious in my mind.


Photo by Emily

(She does paper cutting to and now I\’m addicted to the practice)

Please have a stop on our blog tour and meet my dear friend Emily. She has a great Etsy shopwith lots of treasures. Be sure to have a look at her tutorials and her blog roll as well. There are some mighty fine people I\’ve come to know from the sidebar.

Emily will be having a giveaway for one copy of The Fox Diaries.

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  1. Hej Valarie!

    Awww it’s so nice to put a face to a name. Em is just such a sweetie like you.
    I LOVE Em’s house and that inviting open fire.
    You really have a special friendship.
    I am so glad that I found you both too…:-D
    It’s wonderful to have inspirational friends who enrich your life.
    Have a wonderful weekend

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