Never Miss a Beat

By Hand At Home

The blog tour has made it\’s way to Portland Oregon and that means I\’M HOME! Kendra of Hand At Home is a very special friend indeed. This is the friend that makes me my favorite jam in late summer……….Marionberry Jam and sends it clear across the United States so I can savor a few moments from home.


She celebrates the lovely little moments in life with a gentleness and kindness. Whenever I stop by Kendra\’s blog it always feels like I\’m stopping in for the three C\’s of life……coffee,cake, and conversation.

She\’s  momma to two of the sweetest on my back\

loving that fox\

Who happen to love foxes.

fox diaries\

Along with a shared love of cooking, reading, and knitting, there is a great passion for crafting. Kendra has the cutest Etsy store filled with her hand-made gifts.

It is such an honor to be visiting this happy nurturing home in a city we both love, Portland. Kendra is offering a giveaway of the Fox Diaries. Please stop by and say hello and enjoy your time there.

Be well everyone and have a great day.

(Today\’s photos are by Kendra)