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Graphic Novel |Math is a superpower in THE SOLVERS


Graphic Novels are an excellent option for middle grade reluctant readers. But some adults and caregivers feel that this comic book-like reading option aren’t “real book.”


However, teachers and literacy experts disagree with this. Graphic novels will improve your child’s reading skills like any other book, and they are fantastic choices for reading outside class.


Packed with rich plots, complex storylines, and captivating visual elements, graphic novels uniquely appeal to readers — and when kids find books they are interested in, they are more likely to read.~ Excerpt from 7th edition of the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report


With that in mind, here are TWO new Graphic Novel books to get your reluctant reader excited about picking up a book.


Author and cartoonist Jon Chad introducers readers to important math concepts in this brand-new graphic novel series: THE SOLVERS! They multiply. POW! They divide. ZAP! They battle evil. YEAH! THE SOLVERS is here to help readers learn that math is a superpower.


Epic superhero action and exciting, full color illustrations introduce readers ages 8 and up to the foundational skills they’ll need in math class, complete with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. Perfect for reluctant readers or for any kid that claims to hate math, The Solvers will show the fun in learning and practicing math skills as they work to save the day, learning along the way.


The series launches with books focused on multiplication and division and fractions and decimals:


THE SOLVERS BOOK 1: Divmulti Ray Dilemma


Kid superheroes Animal Jr, Cloudtamer, and Zipper must master the power of multiplication and division to defeat their nemesis, the supervillain Null Void. When Null Void steals the Divmulti Ray, a laser gun that can multiply or divide anything, the kid heroes team up with their trusted sidekicks Duncan and Rosy the cat to learn everything they can to save the city of Computropolis! A digital galley of book 1 can be found here (pw: solveitall225).



THE SOLVERS BOOK 2: The Shrinking Setback



The Solvers return to battle the evil Null Void after a shrinking potion turns them pint-sized! The kids must learn all about fractions and decimals– from what they are to how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them–in order to mix an antidote and save the day!


In this graphic novel series, a crew of crime-fighting kid superheroes teaches readers ages 8 and up foundational math skills, such as multiplication and division, as they battle their evil nemesis, Null Void.


All math concepts are presented with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions and tons of superhero-themed visual examples. Full of helpful math instruction—and epic superhero action—the first installment of this graphic learning series is perfect for the reader who loves math, the reader who hates math, the reader who needs a refresher, and the superhero enthusiast.


Written by a seasoned comics artist and vetted by a math teacher, this is a brand-new way to get your child excited about math!

About the Author


Jon Chad was born and raised in Vermont but now lives with his wife and daughter in Sacramento, CA where he is obsessed with giant robots, pinball, screen-printing, and bookmaking. He is the author of Leo Geo, Science Comics: Volcanoes, Science Comics: The Periodic Table, PINBALL: The Graphic History of the Silver Ball, and the illustrator of Science Comics: Solar System.