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April is Celebrate Diversity Month | Book Recommendations for all Ages

Celebrate Diversity Month reminds us to recognize and appreciate the differences around us.


Although Read Your World’s annual online event may be over, this non-profit is dedicated to bringing some of the best (and unsung) books on the market to the attention of readers of all ages. 


Read Your World is a non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness about children’s books that celebrate diversity and to get more of these books into the hands of readers. With the alarming increase in children’s books being challenged and banned, giving kids access to diverse stories is more important than ever.

They do this by donating books to reviewers and classroom libraries.

They provide book lists and classroom kits to help parents, guardians, teachers, librarians, and readers find the diverse children’s books that they need.

They also spotlight children’s book creators with our weekly Ig Live Interview series.


Here are some of our top booklist picks from the Read Your World blog:



8 Picture Books Celebrating Intergenerational Relationships



8 Young Adult Books with Trans and Nonbinary Representation



8 Diverse YA Titles You May Have Missed (Booklist compiled by Khadijah VanBrakle)




Cultural Cuisine: 8 Food-Focused Children’s Books



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This Linky is a compilation of HUNDREDS of diverse books and their reviews. It’s a treasure trove of great reading!