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Epic Kidlit Titles for 2024!

Don’t Be Mean to 13 by Douglas Harris

Award-winning children’s book author, Douglas Harris, is known for writing children’s books with his daughters, such as Elle The Humanist and the Stardust Book series. Now he has written a new book that explores why children might have friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) and triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) in Don’t Be Mean to 13.

Parents and kids can explore the ancient historical roots of popular superstitions while encouraging children to use evidence-based, critical thinking with the main character, Thirteen!

 Baby Dragon Finds His Family by Sheryl Bass

“A dragon gets named by their mom or their dad,

and the lack of a family made Dragon feel sad.”

After months of living with humans, Baby Dragon embarks on a quest to find others of his kind. Along the way, he encounters an elf, a unicorn, and a fairy who need his help. In turn, Baby Dragon’s new friends provide him with special gifts that help him learn valuable lessons about kindness, family, and what it means to truly belong.

With a magical rhyming story from Sheryl Bass and compelling, colorful illustrations by Remesh Ram, this enchanting sequel to Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze is sure to ignite imaginations.

Author Sheryl Bass has master’s degrees in social work and journalism. Her first rhyming children’s picture book, Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze is a three-time Amazon best-seller and has earned six national and international book awards, including two first place wins.


Author and cartoonist Jon Chad introducers readers to important math concepts in this brand-new graphic novel seriesTHE SOLVERS! 

Epic superhero action and exciting, full color illustrations introduce readers ages 8 and up to the foundational skills they’ll need in math class, complete with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. Perfect for reluctant readers or for any kid that claims to hate math, The Solvers will show the fun in learning and practicing math skills as they work to save the day, learning along the way. They multiply. POW! They divide. ZAP! They battle evil. YEAH! THE SOLVERS is here to help readers learn that math is a superpower.

The series launches with books focused on multiplication and division and fractions and decimals:

·         In THE SOLVERS BOOK 1: Divmulti Ray Dilemma (Workman Publishing; February 20, 2024; $24.99 hardback; $12.99 paperback), kid superheroes Animal JrCloudtamer, and Zipper must master the power of multiplication and division to defeat their nemesis, the supervillain Null Void. When Null Void steals the Divmulti Ray, a laser gun that can multiply or divide anything, the kid heroes team up with their trusted sidekicks Duncan and Rosy the cat to learn everything they can to save the city of Computropolis!

·         In THE SOLVERS BOOK 2: The Shrinking Setback (Workman Publishing; February 20, 2024; $24.99 hardback; $12.99 paperback), The Solvers return to battle the evil Null Void after a shrinking potion turns them pint-sized! The kids must learn all about fractions and decimals– from what they are to how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them–in order to mix an antidote and save the day!

Leo & The Alien: The Story of the Alien Human Basketball Association by 10-year-old Leo Russotti and his Grandpa Phil.

This story is about Leo and his friends who get tired of playing the traditional two-basket basketball game and invent a new game by adding a third basket and another team of five players. Each team defends one goal and can score on the other two. It makes for a fast-paced, fun-filled new game. The story was inspired by Leo’s Uncle Tom, who, back in 2006, invented the game and played it at Washington Square Park in NYC. You can watch recorded footage here (fast forward to 2:30).

Leo & the Alien tells the story of Edwin the Alien, who notices the game being played while on a scouting trip to find new and interesting games to play on his planet, Zenon. Edwin approaches the boys and invites them to his planet to teach their “people” how to play this new fun game. After traveling with Edwin to Zenon where they teach the basketball players how to play, an unlikely friendship develops between Earth and Zenon, and they form the Alien Human Basketball Association.

Leo & the Alien echoes today’s efforts to create respect and tolerance among groups of people who, although may appear different, are essentially the same and want connection. It’s a fun read for young children who especially like the sport of basketball.

Orion and the Dark By Emma Yarlett | Ages 3 to 7

Orion is scared of a lot of things, but most of all he’s scared of the dark. So one night the Dark decides to take Orion on an adventure. Emma Yarlett’s second picture book combines her incredible storytelling and artwork with die-cut pages that bring the Dark to life.

Exciting Update! Orion and the Dark will be out on Netflix on February 2, 2024! Go HERE to watch the trailer.