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Audrey Press Turns FOURTEEN and We Couldn’t Be PROUDER

Happy Birthday Audrey Press Publishing!



Since 2010, Audrey Press has been dedicated to empowering others on their journey of self-discovery with content that connects, inspires, and educates.


The Audrey Press team and founder Valarie Budayr are bursting with pride at all that’s been accomplished over the last 14 years.


When Valarie created Audrey Press, her primary goal was to connect families and children to nature, wonder, and the magic of being through books.


Fueled by a passionate desire to inspire children, families, and communities, Valarie was determined to showcase the marvel of reading books, no matter how large or how small, so that others could experience, discover, and realize that together they had the power to enhance the world around them.


“My hope was, and still is, that families, teachers, and caregivers will use the tools we created that bring out the wonder in books,” Valarie shared. “Reading shouldn’t be viewed as a task or something unpleasant. Audrey Press created a world where readers could pull books from shelves and stories from pages to create a much more interactive reading experience. I will forever encourage everyone to come together—to play, explore, and create together as families, friends, and citizens, locally and beyond. We are all in this world together, and never before have we had the ability to reach out across borders as technology permits us today.”


Fast forward over a decade, and Audrey Press has morphed and pivoted with the times. Now a proud mom to three adult children, Valarie and Audrey Press’ focus has shifted slightly away from kidlit and more towards what adults need most in this world-a chance to be acknowledged, heard, and uplifted through self-discovery.


What started off as a children’s book publishing house has since expanded into a dynamic resource for multimedia content. From best-selling books by award-winning authors to unique courses in the personal development space, Audrey Press’ offerings and reach have grown.


This boutique publishing house still has amazing books for all ages…



…but Valarie’s sister site (and flourishing offline business!) is filled with courses, connection, and events that will encourage people of all ages to experience a well-being and inner healing community that guides them on a personal journey from surviving to thriving.



Audrey Press will never not be about creating beautiful and meaningful books. The milestones this business has achieved will live on for many years. But as with everything in life, shifting, changing, and creating new offerings for everyone’s highest good will always be on our horizon.


Celebrate with Us!