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No One Writes Without Fear

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Earlier this year, I signed up for an excellent Zoom class led by Allison K. Williams.


It was February of 2023, to be exact, and the fresh new year was getting rolling. I had several new writing clients and memoir ghostwriting projects lined up, and my goal with Allison’s class was to be a better mentor and “book shepherd” to those clients. Emerging authors want to be heard and understood, which can be scary.


Fast forward eight-ish months, and I stumbled upon my notes from this class, and they are just too profound, relevant, and comforting not to share. Here are some of my top takeaways:


Nugget of Gold #1:


When it comes to sharing a life story in the form of a memoir, two of the main concerns emerging authors have is that no one will believer their story or no one will buy their book. Allison shares that the truth is automatically interesting. If you write from your heart and then use that drive and passion to promote your work, readers will be drawn to your words.


Nugget of Gold #2:


So what exactly is the difference between an autobiography and a memoir? An autobiography is a story from beginning to end that details a life much like a timeline or chronological report. The subject of the autobiography is almost always recognizable (actor, leader, politician, hero, activist).


A memoir is similar but involves a story with a deeper emotional component.


Nugget of Gold #3:


The hard truth with the creation of any book is that no one ever writes without fear. It’s a scary thing to bear your soul, reveal secrets, and share details of your life that may piss a few people. But it is always better to share your story (even if you’re scared) to help someone else learn and grow from it. It’s better to anger a few readers than never to let your voice be heard.


Nugget of Gold #4:


If you are an emerging author who has a story that is begging to be told, just remember that this is YOUR story. You are not an observer in someone else’s tale, you’re the only person with the power and authenticity to share your life.


Nugget of Gold #5:


Plan ahead. Your writing process will be more effective (and pleasant!) if you plan your book from beginning to end, even if it’s a work in progress. A ship doesn’t leave the harbor unless it has a destination and your writing journey is the same.


These last two bits of wisdom come from two different powerhouse women.


“Write from a scar, not an open wound.” Glennon Doyle


“Share from your heart, not your hurt.” Brené Brown


The bottom line is, you must be reasonably healed from your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wounds to be able to share your story effectively.


If you are still filled with anger and hurt from something in your past, I can promise you that writing a book that has pages dripping with revenge and rage is not only going to sit well with readers, but it will only amplify these unhealed feelings.


Even if you are writing your story from a scar instead of an open wound (a story that has components of betrayal, abuse, or tragedy), you will have moments that trigger you.


And remember, when the time comes, and you can share your manuscript with others, never forget that you are giving readers the gift of awareness and NOT seeking validation or permission. You are the hero of your own story.





“Whether it’s a life memoir, the knowledge that came from a lifelong journey, guidelines for homeschooling, a lesson to teach others no matter what stage of life you are in, a desire to inspire others or raise awareness in the form of a published book can be a daunting and confusing task. I can be your guide who helps you organize your story and create the book you dream of. Every writing project originates with an idea and a desire to make change.”


Becky Flansburg is a Content Creator, Copywriter, and storyteller in Northern Minnesota. She is also a non-fiction/memoir ghostwriter because she believes that everyone has at least one story inside of them.


Becky is also the author of three non-fiction books for business and two children’s books.


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