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Threads, TikTok, WhatsApp | Is it worth it to be everywhere?

Recently, a fellow writer reached out to me with this question about social media.


“Threads App? TikTok? WhatsApp? Is it worth it to be everywhere? I just feel like I can’t keep up with all of these new social platforms!”


We spoke at length about it, and it struck me that this was a great question and conversation to share here on the AP blog.


It can feel pretty overwhelming always to have the “newer-better-faster-more” social platforms/apps come across our radar constantly. And when it does, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) usually accompanies it.


The reality is that these new things always pop up and don’t always last.


Audrey Press tends to use Facebook and Instagram only (Pinterest occasionally) with satisfactory results.


Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to be “everywhere” or on all platforms. It’s better to pick one or two social platforms and use them consistently.

It’s like the paint-the-house analogy.  If you only have one gallon of paint for a two-story house (the paint is your time), it’s better to focus on one (maybe two) sides of the house that will make the biggest difference instead of using your one gallon to do a crappy job on all four sides.


So what channels/platforms are the most popular?


As of May of 2023, a report states that the most used social media platform in the world is Facebook, with 2.9 million monthly active users across the world. Facebook’s reign continues into 2023, but it doesn’t stand alone. YouTube is hot on its heels, with 2.5 million monthly active users. Here’s the beakdown thanks to



New Isn’t Always Better

Though the prospect of yet another social media platform to explore can be enticing, you still need to be wary. New may be exciting, but consider if it’s worth signing up for that hot new social platform. There can be potential drawbacks for you to take note of.

Learning Curve: Our time is valuable and I personally resist spending time learning something new that may never pan out. Protect your time at all costs.

Lack of Audience: It takes time for hype to build and traction to be achieved when it comes to the introduction of new apps. Sometimes, the “wait and see” tactic maybe more beneficial to your business instead of needing to be an “early adopter.”


Privacy and Security: Privacy concerns is something that is top of mind for all online users so be mindful of giving out your information.

What do you think?