Never Miss a Beat

The Seashell Sun Craft Activity

We are always collecting things. We are a family of great collectors. Throughout the years, we’ve had this ever-growing collection of seashells. They are always bundled up gently and brought home to be placed in one of our jars, bowls, or glass boxes.

Shells are such a wonderful memory of going to the beach: Walking in the surf, sand between our toes, seaweed around our angles, looking closely for a little house without an inhabitant, wind through our hair, seagulls cawing and diving, all the while looking for our treasures of sea shells in the sand.

When our beach days are but a memory, we refer to those golden times together as Seashell Sun Days.

Why not take some of our collected shells and make a seashell sun to remind us of those happy carefree days?

The Seashell Sun Craft Activity

What you’ll need:

· A small wreath of any material
· Glue
· Small shells
· Medium shells
· Large piece of paper to work on as a mat

· Take your wreath and spread a small glue strip along the edge. Place your small shells on the glue.

· Continue by placing another small glue strip along the edge. Continue doing this until you have a row of small shells all around the edge of the wreath.

· Working in sections, place a generous amount of glue in the remainder of the wreath. Place your larger shells and fill in the gaps with smaller shells.

· Work your way around the wreath until it is all filled in.

· Be sure to let your Seashell Sun dry completely before picking it up. The shells will fall off it otherwise.

· When you’re finished, glue a ribbon to the back to hang it up or just lay it on an end table to use as decoration.

Either way you will have a beautiful piece of art to remind you of your wonderful beach days.

Happy Crafting!