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Introducing the Sherlock Bones Puzzle Adventure for Kids

The AP Team is always on the lookout for fantastic mystery-based chapter-books for young readers. The new Sherlock Bones-A Puzzle Adventure by Tim Collins is just the ticket for kids and parents looking for a fun mystery with loads of activities to bring the story to life.


The first book in this new series is Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels.


When the crown jewels go missing from Buckingham Kennel, it’s up to super-sleuth Sherlock Bones and his trusty sidekick Dr Catson to solve the crime. But with multiple suspects and a trail that’s starting to run cold, will they be able to catch the culprit in time?



Sherlock Bones and the Curse of the Pharaoh’s Mask sees a return of Sherlock Bones — the world’s finest canine detective and his trusty sidekick Dr Jane Catson — as they sniff out clues and solve mysteries. This extra fun fiction series has a great adventure tale in every title that’s interwoven with puzzles, so they’re great for children who are struggling to read longer chapter books or for long periods (or just for children who enjoy puzzles!).



This time, the pair are visiting the tombs of the ancient feline kings in Egypt when they discover that a precious mask has been stolen. They have to interview tourists from around the world – including a cowardly lion, a spoiled hippo and two secretive pandas – to discover who is guilty. But the mystery is not as straightforward as it first seems. It will take the pair on a thrilling adventure deep inside the Egyptian tombs and require all of Bones and Catson’s skills to solve the crime.


The second book in Buster’s brand-new Sherlock Bones fiction series features puzzles – including search games, logical conundrums and shadow matches – that are woven into the action, so the reader feels immersed in the exciting detective plot.



Praise for the Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels (book 1):


    • “an energetic introduction to classic literary characters via a cunning, fur-raising adventure” – Publisher’s Weekly


    • “Sherlock Bones is totally fun and surprisingly challenging in a good way, both with the mystery and with the frequent puzzles. I really like the relationship between Catson and Bones. I think kids will love it all” – Sian Gaetano (check spelling) Galley Love of the Week, Shelf Awareness


    • A variation on the Choose Your Own Adventure format of stories. The book is scattered with diagrams, mazes and spot the difference picture puzzles, which all enhance the excitement of the story. . . . This is a good romp of a mystery.” — The School Librarian


    • Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels— Bones’s ‘trickiest case yet’ — should have young readers brandishing their very own magnifying glasses.” – Shelf Awareness: Lynn Becker


    • Brodart Winter LittleOne Catalog – “Best of Stacks”


Perfect For:


    • Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    • Reluctant readers

    • Puzzlers aged 7-9

    • The little sleuths in your life!


Both of these wonderful chapter books are available on Amazon.


About The Author


Tim Collins is an author and advertising copywriter who lives in London. He has published ten books, including The Little Book of Twitter. He has written for several magazines and newspapers and has promoted his books on TV and radio. To learn more, visit his website.