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A Decade of Enchantment |The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory turns 10!

The Audrey Press Team is very proud, and even a little dumbfounded, that it has been a DECADE since our first interactive digital ebook for kids, Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has been published!

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (available on iBooks for only $3.99) was released June 21, 2012, so help us celebrate the tenth birthday of this wonder-filled book for kids.


Born from a love of the classic tale, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, author and Audrey Press CEO had a dream of bringing this story to life magically and interactively that also created collaborative play.

After joining forces with talented graphic artist Roscoe Welply and editor Bernadette Emerson, this dynamic team intentionally created Willy Wonka\’s world, which leapt off the page and coaxed readers to immerse themselves into a world of inventions, concoctions, and adventure.


The result was a unique and innovative enhanced digital eBook that is packed, not just with interesting facts about how chocolate and Gobstoppers are made, but also with clever games like Gobstopper Dobblers and The Nut Room Squirrel Snatching Game.

And who doesn’t want to learn how to make their own Fizzy Lifting Drinks or Square Candies Looking Round?


There are step-by-step patterns so readers can create their own Willy Wonka Top Hat and Mini Maze in a Box Game!

This eBook is an entertaining and educational read enhanced with animations, games, recipes, videos, and more.  Based on the beloved story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this interactive, action, and adventure-filled delight carries you through the Chocolate Factory with stops along the way to create, laugh and learn.
This book will reawaken imagination as each chapter reveals a gateway into a magical world.

Grab your copy on iBooks HERE for only $3.99!

As always, most of our books are available in physical book form and can be purchased on Amazon or the Audrey Press site here.

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