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Money DOES Grow on Trees | A Success Story That will Fire You Up

When the AP Team was first approached to review Esra Banguoglu Ogut\’s new book, Money Does Grow on Trees, the first thought that popped into all our minds was the childhood adage that was uttered (at some point or another) by pretty close to every parent.

\”Money doesn\’t grow on trees.\”

Which, as we all know, is code for \”Work for what you want because we don\’t have extra money laying around.\”

OK, that was a pretty broad assumption, but we know you get our point.

What captured our attention was the fact that this book is the story of a former shoe salesgirl who became a millionaire and is now living her dream life in Hawaii. The ultimate dream, right?!

We also like that Esra\’s book is NOT about \”quick fixes,\” step-by-step tutorials, and fantasy thinking when it comes to money.

Money Does Grow on Trees IS about:



• Cultivating your PROSPERITY consciousness
• Seeing how YOU are the one setting up your own limitations
• Finding the inner power to CHOOSE out of the old reality and into the new
• Realizing (tangibly) the powerful creator you already ARE

Esra is part of the next generation of new thought leaders standing on the shoulders of Law of Attraction and manifestation experts. Her unique approach to manifesting abundance and dismantling our self-imposed limitations travels to the core of who we are and why we make the choices we do.

She awakened to her own power to create prosperity when she understood how she was unconsciously going out of her way to limit it. At that moment it dawned on her that abundance is a matter of choice for each and every one of us, who either chooses it or rejects it based on what we have come to believe about money.

She writes, “It is kind of ironic that what limited me and what I despised the most, money, ended up being my access point to realizing how powerful each of us are in creating our own realities. We are like mini-gods in action all the time, whether we realize it or not.”

In this book, you will find examples—both successes and failures—from her life and many other examples from clients she worked with over a decade.

The wisdom-filled pages of Money Does Grow on Trees guide readers on their unique journey through helpful advice and insights, meditations and prosperity exercises, and great examples of transformation that bring an inspiring, authentic, and practical approach to manifesting prosperity.

Advancing beyond the concept of simply making money, prosperity consciousness is presented as a state of BEING (a term coined by Esra’s mentor, Darel Rutherford). Throughout her book, Esra weaves in empowering stories of her upbringing, from transformational insights derived from a teenage near-death experience to discovering her purpose and subsequent journey toward growth and prosperity—all told with raw authenticity.

Further drawing upon the accounts of clients from the coaching seminars and private practice of herself and her business partner and husband, author and coach Aykut \”Ike\” Ogut, Money Does Grow on Trees explores not only the idea that we have the ability to create the reality we desire, but also how we are creating our seemingly unwanted experiences as well.

She encourages us to take responsibility for having created our own limitations, and in doing so helps us find the true inner power to transform them, ultimately giving birth to our sovereignty.

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About Esra Banguoglu Ogut


As a transformational coach and yoga teacher, Esra B. Ogut has helped people worldwide discover their power to live the life they choose.

Today, she helps people transform their lives to experience their own spiritual and financial abundance through one-on-one coaching and workshops. Individuals, celebrities and corporations have all sought her services and mentorship. Along with her husband and business partner, author and transformational coach Aykut \”Ike\” Ogut, Esra pioneered transformational coaching in Turkey and co-created a sought- after coaching certification program.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Turkey’s Bosphorus University and a film and television certificate from UCLA, and is a certified instructor of kundalini yoga. Esra currently resides with her husband in Kauai, where they work online to train coaches around the world while continuing to write. Money Does Grow on Trees is Esra’s first book in English.


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