Never Miss a Beat

Mike Nero and The SuperHero School by Natasha Carlow ​


Can I tell you something about this school? You see, this isn\’t a regular school. This is a superhero school. First days can be tough, especially for someone as shy as Mikey, but Mikey\’s new school is a little different. On his first day, he meets his principal and some incredible children who help him discover his own superpower within and he learns that no matter what we may look like on the outside, everyone has something that makes them valuable. Can Mikey learn to use his newfound superpower to make his school a better place for all students?

Mike Nero and the Superhero School is an exceptional and diverse picture book that shines the spotlight on the beautiful things that make each of us uniquely us.

Young Mikey is nervous about starting school someplace new. As he meets all of the students of the school, he is exposed to new situations and kids who are not like him on the outside.


Principal Joseph shows him that his new classmates are special and wonderful in their own way.

This is a superhero school. So yes, every student here has a special superpower. Whether it\’s the students who ride in wheelchairs instead of walking, or those with special ways of communicating or thinking, or even those like Marcus and David, who can walk and talk without any challenges, they are all pretty amazing. But do you know why this school is so special? It\’s because every student here uses their talents and abilities to help each other out. Regardless of how we look on the outside. That\’s what makes superheroes.

Just when Mikey is feeling like he might not fit in, Principal Joseph points out that he has the best superpower of all.


\”You have the greatest superpower of all – kindness. The ability to see the best in others and to make other people feel loved and included.\”

This beautiful book and a much-needed story and a \”must-have\” for home and classroom bookshelf!

Published by Purple Butterfly Press

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