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It’s Your Time To THRIVE! The Newest Book from Audrey Press!

One of the most powerful techniques in healing your mind is your body. Let’s begin.~ Valarie Budayr


There are so many exciting things in the works at Audrey Press Books, but at the top of the list is the launch of the latest book from Audrey Press CEO and Founder, Valarie Budayr.


A longtime author, student, musician, adventurer, and seeker, Valarie uses her wisdom and determination to create a guide to help others [like herself] leave trauma behind and “Live Vibrantly.”


Readers Will Discover How To:

  • Flip self-doubt, jealousy, fear, and unworthiness into powerful motivators
  • Build rock-solid confidence in simple ways, every day
  • Prioritize yourself and make progress on what’s important to you.
    Be okay when other people are disappointed or upset with you
  • Calm your anxiety and feel comfortable being yourself
  • Train your mind to help you get what you want


As a Result, Your Life Can Feel More:

  • Purposeful. You will stop overthinking and start taking action.
  • Meaningful. Every day, you’ll feel a deeper connection with yourself.
  • Balanced. By putting yourself first, you’ll be amazed that it changes everything.


Book Summary

For centuries, we have been taught to look “outside” of ourselves when it comes to healing illness, trauma, and dis-ease. In reality, everything we need to nurture, heal, and feed our authentic spirit is right within our bodies. As a Board-Certified Sound Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher, Valarie Budayr teaches readers how to manifest their path of self-discovery and self-healing through the Four Pillars: Breath, Movement, Sound, and Meditation.


As a trauma survivor, the author bares her soul and retells the story of her awakening and journey to living a self-healed life. By telling her story, Budayr encourages others to tell their own stories, shed the toxic beliefs holding them back, and begin a new journey of living a self-healed life filled with wonder, curiosity, and peace.


In this book, you will learn more than a dozen powerful ways to live vibrantly, heal, and create a life you love for the most important person in your life, YOU.



Using her signature science-backed wisdom, Val teaches you how to reclaim your health, happiness, and sense of well-being.

Thrive is more than a simple, proven tool. It is a holistic approach to life that changes your attitude, mindset, and behavior. So be prepared to laugh, learn, and launch into a more confident, happy, and fulfilling life.


We need to come home to ourselves. We need to learn what it feels like to be safe in our bodies again,” Valarie shared. “No fear. No hidden agendas. No “survival mode.” Just love, acceptance, and safety. Just know that you can handle anything. Our bodies are our own best medicine and healers.”


It’s Your Time to THRIVE!

Thrive: Living A Self-Healed Life is available on Amazon, Kindle, and via the website and the Audrey Press website.


Author BIO



VALARIE BUDAYR founded Mongata, a center for well-being and inner healing. She is an impassioned teacher and sound therapist, guiding others towards self-discovery and self-healing through the principles of sound, myth, connection with nature, inner traditions, depth psychology, and wisdom practices.


Valarie was born in the US but firmly embraces her ancestral heritage on the island of Gotland, Sweden.  With over 31 years of teaching experience, Valarie invites her students, and clients into immersive explorations of the self. She believes that each person is capable of their own healing. Her mission is to share the beauty and wonder of the world, inspiring and empowering people into their best and fullest selves.


In Praise of Thrive


In Thrive, Valarie Budayr holds the reader’s hand while guiding them to heal themselves from trauma. She explains in clear language how trauma impacts us on every level and how, alongside modern medicine and therapies, we can use the wisdom of our bodies to heal ourselves from it. What Budayr offers is not a quick fix or a step-by-step program but a real promise of restoration to wholeness through a “coming home” to ourselves. In a voice that is at the same time expert and compassionate, Budayr empowers her readers to create the full and vibrant lives they truly desire and deserve.


In my quest to recover from trauma, I have read dozens of self-help and psychology books to help me better understand and move beyond my past, and I can honestly say that Budayr offers something no other writer does. She offers clear and understandable explanations of what trauma is, as well as how and why it impacts us so pervasively, then she shares practical wisdom and methods for reconnecting with our bodies, showing how we already possess exactly what we need to heal ourselves. Thrive has helped me in so many ways, not only by teaching me about the benefits of breathwork, meditation, sound, and movement, but by supporting me to believe in myself, in my body, and in my bright and beautiful future. ~Mallory A.


This wisdom and guidance within the pages of Thrive are exactly what I have been needing to break through plateaus in my own healing from trauma journey. Valarie gentle words and advice on Practice creation will give readers many “ah-HA!” moments and the determination to make thoughtful and mindful life changes for the better. ~Becky F.