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All serious club sport athletes and parents should read this!

Parents of teens in competitive youth sports have been in a holding pattern for many months, but as Spring 2021 arrives, so does a level of normalcy for athletes.

Now that things are slowly shifting back to pre-COVID-19 times, student-athletes are revisiting their plan to fund college through a full-ride sports scholarship.

But this is not an easy goal to achieve. The reality is that only 7% of high school athletes move on to college sports, with just 2% earning athletic scholarships. For those looking to go to college on a sports scholarship, the recruiting process can be daunting and overwhelming.

Coaches and parents agree that the Elusive Full Ride Scholarship praises: An Insider\’s Guide by Mia Wenjen and Alison Foley is an invaluable source that breaks down the scholarships and recruiting process to help parents and athletes navigate the system and find the right college fit.


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Inside the pages of this book, readers will discover the answers to essential questions, such as: how do I get recruited, what are coaches looking for, and when does recruitment start? The book also covers crucial topics including recruiting Do’s & Don’ts; ways to communicate with coaches, teams, and schools; how academics play into the recruiting process; how to build a recruitment kit; the role parents play,  and much more. This guide lays out all the advice needed to maneuver through the recruiting and scholarship process successfully – and with minimum stress.


All serious club sport athletes and parents should read this! This insider\’s guide is perfect for the parent helping to navigate and support their athlete who is seriously interested in playing their sport in college! It is so informative with to-do lists and templates! Do not wait to read this! Rising freshman or sophomore year is not too early to read this book! ~Amazon reviewer

The Elusive Full Scholarship is more than a guide to the college recruiting process, it is a must-read for any student-athlete and more importantly, any parent who wants their child to enjoy taking part in sports.

I have been fortunate to coach over 100 former female soccer players as a club and high school coach who have played in college. These players have gone on to play soccer at D1, D2, and D3 schools. These players have been recruited as freshmen to those who decided in the spring of their senior year where they wanted to go. Players who have been on a full scholarship to those that have played at the club level at college. I have players that have been recruited from the ACC, AAC, SEC, Ivy League, NESCAC, Patriot League just to name a few, and players who went to schools here in New England to across the country. Over the last 40 years of coaching youth sports at all levels and being involved with elite soccer players, the one key component to the entire scope of youth athletics in perspective.

Alison Foley and Mia Wenjen speak from experience and understand what it means for a student-athlete to find the “right fit” for college. This book is an easy read, great reference book, a detailed ‘how to’ guide, but more than that it keeps the entire outlook in perspective.

It is a must-read for any athlete and their parents regardless if they looking for the elusive full-ride scholarship.

Carl Tarabelli, Needham High School Varsity Girls Soccer Coach – 2015 D1 State Champion. Former NEFC Sr Staff Coach – 2016 U16 NPL National Champions and Parent of 3 youth athletes, 2 that went on to play in college

This book is Foley\’s and Wenjen\’s follow-up to their wildly popular book, How to Coach Girls.

The Elusive Full Ride Scholarship: An Insider\’s Guide (also published by Audrey Press) is available in Kindle and the paperback version is available on Amazon,, and Learn more about Wenjen and Foley\’s non-fiction, sports-focused books here.