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A Spring of Foxes | Their Presence a Wonderment

We hear them at night and see them running through our forest. In the early morning hours, we spot them quietly moving through our yard. As Hulda gets ready to have a family of her own,  I never tire of seeing, observing, or interacting with them. Their presence here is a wonderment. ~Valarie Budayr

The Fox Diaries\

Experience the magical story of a family of foxes that took up residence right in the front yard of the author and publisher, ValarieBudayr. The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to Our Garden offers an enthusiastically educational opportunity to observe this fox family grow and learn together.

The Fox Diaries: The Year The Foxes Came to our Garden is a delightful picture book for kids that embraces nature and the wild creatures that share our lives and communities. Valarie became a legend in her own community of Maryville, TN, and was known far and wide as \”The Fox Lady.\”  Animal-lovers, parents, and educators from all over the globe would show up to her blog on \”Fox Thursdays\” to see what Mama Rennie and her naughty kits were up to next. Valarie\’s storytelling skills and superb photography is what became the beautiful handover picture book called The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to Our Garden.

Through her eyes and photography, people got to know a sweet family of foxes that filled their family\’s life with enchantment, wonder, and joy.


The Fox Diaries


About The Fox Diaries

From digging and hunting to playing and resting, this diary shares a rare glimpse into the private lives of Momma Rennie and her babies. Come watch as they navigate this wildly dangerous but still wonderful world. Great to share with your children or students, TheFox Diaries speaks to the importance of growing and learning both individually and as a family unit. It is a perfect book for storytime or family sharing.

The Fox Diaries\

The Fox Diaries

What People Are Saying About The Fox Diaries

The Fox Diaries\

“This is a beautiful book essential reading for anyone who loves animals and knows how much they can teach us about being human.” 

“I love the up-close and personal photos that truly capture the essence of the foxes’ individual personalities while providing insight into the lives of such private and beautiful creatures.”

\”If I had to choose one word to sum up the success of The Fox Diaries, it would have to connection.\”~author Valarie Budayr

“I bought this for my daughter who became very interested in foxes. This true account of a fox family was wonderfully educational and well documented in the photography. I often find it back out from the bookshelf and next to my daughter\’s bed.” 

\”The Fox Diaries offers an enthusiastically educational opportunity to observe this fox family grow and learn together. Not only can you read about the daily rituals of this marvelous fox family, but there is also an information-packed resource section at the end of the book that includes lots of facts and even a few \”fox movies\” that you can enjoy with your family.\”

\”Like Jane Goodall, author Valarie Budayr spent hours observing a family of red foxes who came to live in her garden. The kits all have distinct personalities and we, the reader, watch them grow up with their mother, carefully teaching them how to be independent. This is a wonderful reminder that humans and wild animals can co-exist and that they come to our neighborhoods because we are destroying their natural habitat. Fall in love with this fox family!”~Amazon reviewer

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The Fox Diaries