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Proof that Dragons are indeed REAL!

Maybe this news prompted you to drop your sandwich or even roll your eyes with disbelief….but I am here to tell you; Dragons are Real!


How do I know? I have proof.


In fact, I have MORE than proof! As children, my brother and I had a Dragon friend named Norbert for two whole summers in Gotland, Sweden.


I shared this story with Rocco during an interview at the wonderful KitLit TV.



The book Dragons are Real tells this story in vibrant color and I am so honored that I was able to team up with renowned children’s book illustrator Michael Welply.



Michael studied art in Winnipeg and Paris and he has illustrated over 80 books in Europe and in North America ranging from historical work to fantasy and fairy tales. He has two grown children, three grandchildren and currently lives in central France with his wife. Michael’s talent and vision allowed us to accurately (and magically) capture what my brother and I experienced with our dragon friend for two summers.




So basically, what I am trying to tell everyone is that all of the fairy tales, myths, and legends that have been told about dragons over the years are WRONG! Dragons are not only Real; they are all around us.


This book isn’t for everyone. It’s only for those BRAVE enough to look for dragons in the most usual places.


Once you find your nearest dragon you’ll need to know a few basic skills.


Are You:
 – Good at finding hidden things, like dragons in disguise?
 –  Wanting a best friend who will take you for rides on their back? OK, we missed an important detail….riding on their backs while flying through the air?
 – Good at telling jokes and riddles?
 – Good at roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in a constant stream of fire. Don’t worry no fire protective gear is needed.
 –  Willing to be a dance partner?
 – Willing to listen and share poetry, especially rhymes?
 – Are you clever enough to read a Dragon’s secret message? And then of course be able to send one back your local and friendly dragon?
This is just a reminder that Dragons don’t text. They love to send secret messages.
If you’ve said a loud “YES” to even half of the above questions, this book is just right for YOU!

As readers turn the pages and learn the truth about Dragons, they will see that the fiercest beasts in known history can actually be the best of friends. It’s a lesson in finding companionship in the most unusual of places. 


Dragons are Real is a magical book filled with stunning illustrations that prove that dragons are secretly all around us


DRAGONS ARE REAL - Valarie Budayr\Dragons Are Real
Written by Valarie Budayr, illustrated by Michael Welpy
Published by Audrey Press.


What if I told you that all of the fairy tales, myths, and legends that have been told about dragons over the years are WRONG? What if I told you that Dragons are indeed REAL and different than you’ve ever imagined?


Did you know that Dragons are the master of disguises?


Did you know that they love sugar and sweets (at unacceptable levels) and will do anything for treats?


Award-winning author Valarie Budayr brings us this fairly true story based on her childhood friendship with a REAL live Dragon.




Amazon and iTunes best-selling author and founder of Audrey Press, Valarie Budayr is a play and reading advocate whose mission is to inspire children, families, and communities to experience and create a world together through books while having fun. She is passionate about making children’s books come alive.


Author of The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to our Garden and The Ultimate Guide To Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and A Year in the Secret Garden, Valarie is passionate about making kid’s books come alive and encouraging families to pull books off of shelves and stories off of pages. As co-founder of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, Valarie is committed to raising awareness for children’s books that celebrate diversity and multicultural characters and is working to get more of these books into classrooms and libraries.

Happy Reading!