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The Epic Saga of the Deuxsang | An Ascension Trilogy Bundle Deal!

\”Whether we are at home or at the beach, books are the perfect distraction for those of us who want to want to get lost in a spellbindingly edgy book. The Ascension Trilogy by Hannah Rials is just the ticket for some suspenseful escapism!\”~ Becky F.

Summer reading is on everyone\’s mind lately, quite possibly because after weeks months of words like \”quarantine,\” \”Shelter in Place,\” and \”social distancing.\” As restrictions lift, everyone is hungry for some sort of normalcy and the freedom to move about in a safe way.

For YA and adult readers looking for a suspense-filled-edge-of-your-seat fiction thriller with a unique and edgy twist, Aletha Press has THREE such book titles available!

The Ascension Trilogy has been a labor of love for this publishing house and for author Hannah Rials for nearly a decade. Hannah was only 12 when she shared her idea about an elusive and secretive society of “double-blooded” vampires written from a female teen’s perspective.

Knowing their daughter had an exceptional gift of story creation, Hannah’s parents encouraged her to keep writing. A handful of years (and many rounds of editing!) later, Book One in the Trilogy, Ascension, was published to rave reviews.

Fast forward a handful of years and Hannah (now an adult living in Bath, England) is the proud owner of a complete three-book YA/Adult Fiction series that has readers mesmerized in every corner of the globe.

All three of the trilogy books (Ascension, Clandestine, Reclamation) are available in paperback, ebook, and now…::drum roll:: even a 3-Book Bundle Deal!

The Ascension Trilogy by Hannah Rials\

The Ascension Trilogy by Hannah Rials

Book One-Ascension by Hannah Rials

Author Rials was only 12-years-old when the storyline for Ascension came to her. After many years of learning, researching, and honing her writing craft, Rials released Book 1 in the three-book Ascension trilogy shortly after her 19th birthday. Ascension garnered rave reviews and went on to win a Royal Dragonfly Award (first place in young adult literature) and also the Benjamin Franklin Gold Award in New Voice: YA from the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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Book Two-Clandestine by Hannah Rials

As the much-anticipated second book in Rials’ Ascension trilogy, Clandestine smoothly picks up from the cliffhanger ending and continues to keep readers mesmerized by the unfolding challenges and danger of young “double-blooded” vampire, Cheyenne Lane.

At 17, Cheyenne finds herself the center of a centuries-old conspiracy involving the vampires, Deuxsang, and witches, and everyone is telling her who she should trust and what she should do. Her head is too full of voices and opinions, and it’s time for Cheyenne to make up her own mind.

“Gripping until the very end.” – Scott Reintgen, author of Nyxia

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Book Three–Reclamation by Hannah Rials

Reclamation is the third book in the award-winning Ascension Trilogy and was released in February of 2020.

The situation is dire.

Teen vampire hybrid, Cheyenne Lane\’s world is shattered as she discovers that she’s led her friends and family to the slaughter. With their blood on her hands, Cheyenne finds herself a captive to the most powerful vampire in the world, Lamia. Cheyenne knows time is running out and Lamia will do whatever it takes to make her future a reality, but she and her crew of witches and Deuxsang brethren aren’t going down without a fight.

But, Cheyenne will not be used.

No matter how powerful the enemy, Cheyenne will not allow the people she loves to be destroyed. She knows she’s not alone—Eli is ready to do whatever it takes to set Cheyenne free and end the vampires’ reign. When they are together, their powers can move the earth. But is that power strong enough to stop Lamia’s vision from coming true?

Everyone’s future is in the balance, and the only thing that’s certain is that Cheyenne and her crew of witches and Deuxsang aren’t going down without a fight.

So as summer reading season gears up, be sure and load Ascension, Clandestine, and Reclamation to your e-reader today.

Pro Tip: If the beach is not in your travel plans, stake your claim in a special spot in your backyard and dub it your Reading Sanctuary. Have-book-will-travel (even if it\’s only from lawn chair!).

Happy Reading. Stay Well.


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