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A Ray of Light during Dark Times: Reading eBooks!

So, how are you feeling during these unprecedented times? It seems/feels like this pandemic is dragging on forever with no reprieve in sight. People are alternating between rebellion and paralyzing fear and the news and news feeds are filled with info that half the time we are sure is real or not.

\”Hunker down and wait\” seems to be a reoccurring theme for many of the more level-headed folks and as unglamorous as it is to stay at home, it seems to be the only fail-safe way to stay safe.

BUT, there is an upside to being in Stay at Home or Shelter in Place mode. People are finishing projects, spending more time with their immediate family, and delving into new things like baking bread, learning a new language, and gardening.

Why? With a fast-paced-calendar-jammed-pace on hold, most people now have the time and space to learn the times that have always been rattling around in the back of their brains.

Another upside to living at a slower pace is that people are reading more. Even though budgets are tight, there’s been an uptick in book buying…especially eBooks.

Audrey Press noticed that trend and we have gone through the process of putting virtually all of our titles into eBook form…and all at affordable prices that are gentle on already tight budgets.

There are three titles in particular that we are most excited about offering as eBooks and theses titles just so happen to be our best sellers!

eBook Deals from Audrey Press

Fans of the Ascension Trilogy YA thriller/romance series by Hannah Rials will be happy to know the final book in the series, Reclamation, is now available on Kindle!

Ascension Trilogy\

The situation is dire.

Teen vampire hybrid, Cheyenne Lane\’s world is shattered as she discovers that she’s led her friends and family to the slaughter. With their blood on her hands, Cheyenne finds herself a captive to the most powerful vampire in the world, Lamia. Clouded by her own greed and lust for power, Lamia launches a plan to use Cheyenne and Jason Lacroix to rule the world with her army of vampires who can now walk in the daylight.

Cheyenne knows time is running out and Lamia will do whatever it takes to make her future a reality, but she and her crew of witches and Deuxsang brethren aren’t going down without a fight.

Book One and Book Two are also available in eBook form. Awesome “can’t put it down” reading for teens and adults alike!

Sissy Goes Tiny by Rebecca Flansburg and B.A. Norrgard.


Released in July of 2019 as a hardcover diverse picture book, this book is a wonderful story about a family who is “going tiny” and determined to “do more with less.” The illustrations in this picture book are vibrant and we love the “gentle lessons” of recycling, repurposing, and the true meaning of the word home that are skillfully woven into this timely story.

Read more about Sissy Goes Tiny here and add it to your e-reader via Kobo for only $3.99!

The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook by Donna Ashton

Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker\'s Guide\

As all families are navigating the very new path of either homeschooling or Distance Learning, many parents are feeling like they are floundering in the vast ocean of schoolwork without a life jacket.

Ashton’s best-selling book guides parents on creating a school routine that works for their family while reminding everyone that they are not in this alone.

\”The first steps are clear and you know exactly where to find the resources and support needed to be successful. There’s no second-guessing. No confusion. No lack of focus. Without any floundering, your homeschooling falls into place with ease, assurance, and joy.\”~Donna Ashton

This book has been a top seller for Audrey Press since its release in 2014 so we are very pleased to offer this essential guide in eBook form via Kobo for only $3.99!

All of the amazing content on the website will now be found in the new ebook The ABCs of BookJumping: The Best of Jump Into a Book!

The ABCs of BookJumping\

What if you could \”live\” inside the pages of the children\’s books your family reads? What if you could enjoy the same adventures as the characters? Bookjumping is taking the solitary act of reading a book and transforming it into an event that can be shared with others. It\’s the process of pulling books off shelves and stories off pages. It\’s making kids\’ books come ALIVE by \”jumping\” inside the pages.

Readers of this ebook will enjoy hand-picked book reviews and unique companion activities that will reignite your child\’s love of reading and encourage screen-free family time.

The ABCs of BookJumping: The Best of Jump Into a Book contains over 150 book reviews, unique book-inspired activities and recipes, book pilgrimages, facts about classic book authors that we all know and love, and many, many reasons to spend countless hours “unplugged” and reading as a family.

This bright and engaging ebook was just \”born\” on May 12th so it is new to the world. AND…just in time for the summer reading season.

Get the details here or download your ebook for Kindle for only $2.99.

Stay safe and enjoy some reading~!

Image created by Sara F.-age 14