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Flashback: The Gratitude Book Project: My Favorite Christmas Memory

As an official co-author of The Gratitude Book Project: My Favorite Christmas Memory, I want to share my appreciation with you!

My Favoriye Christmas Memory\

I was so excited to take part in this book. It happily extends my gratitude practice through my love of writing while remembering my family\’s traditions. Recently we celebrated the Swedish/Scandinavian tradition of St. Lucia. When thinking about my contribution for the book, I really wanted to capture this family held celebration not only for my children but to help set the holiday spirit for all. Bringing light to the darkest time of year via a maiden dressed in white wearing a crown of candles on her head is the beginning of our holiday celebrations.

The Gratitude Book Project: My Favorite Christmas Memory is stuffed full of surprises in this heart-warming collection of holiday memories that will put you in the spirit of the season.

The book gives you a peek inside the miracle a stranger brought to a single mom’s door and will delight with the joy one dollar and six plastic elves created for an entire family. Everything old will feel new again when you get caught up in a 5-year-old’s vision of Santa—from the window of a plane.

It makes a great holiday gift for friends and family and is one that can be enjoyed throughout the year; with the added benefit of reminding us all to take the time to count our blessings each day.

Many of us have discovered that recognizing and expressing gratitude out loud and often can be a life changing practice. I hope you will join me in being a part of keeping gratitude in motion, not just during the traditional holiday season, but throughout the year.My Favorite Christmas Memory\

The Gratitude Book Project® series proudly donates its net proceeds from retail sales to the following worthwhile charities:

  • Feeding America
  • Women for Women International
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (A.S.P.C.A.)

I hope you will join me in supporting these organizations and creating an epidemic of gratitude by purchasing one or two copies for yourself, your friends, family, or colleagues. You can find your copy here,“The Gratitude Book Project: My Favorite Christmas Memory.” 


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My Favorite Christmas Memory\