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Writers Groups & Workshops-Taking Your Connections Off-line


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Sometimes, in order to grow as a writer, you have to stop trying to \”go it alone.\”

Are your writing dreams wishes or actionable items? It’s easy to say you want to write, it’s
another thing to do it.

How do you motivate yourself to keep at it when you’ve hit a writing wall? You can try self-
deprecating conversations with yourself. Let me know how that works out.

Writers groups and workshops are effective motivators to push you along at times when you just
don’t have the drive to push yourself.

You’re thinking “wait a minute. I have to go socialize with other writers?

You don’t have to. But if you knew there was an opportunity to learn from others successes and
failures, why would you knowingly pass on the chance to learn and grow?

You’re only accountable to yourself. I’ll never know if you’ve taken a bold step. Or will I, by
noticing the success of your work as a result?

Ideas to help you connect:

Writer’s Meetups:

Directory of writer’s groups by state:

The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis:

Do you have a writer\’s group that motivates you? Have you thought about starting a group? Here\’s some great tips from Yahoo Voices on how to start your own Writers Support & Creativity Group.  \”Connect to GROW.\”



\Kathy Schroeder is a wannabe children’s picture book author from Minnesota who can make every excuse in the book as to why she’s not.  Call her on it via email at or Facebook a.k.a Her Life Book.