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FREE eBook Friday: Just Because: An Interactive Book by Amber Housey





Amber Housey is a Mom of three children, former teacher and now a children’s book author and creator of Flip Side Stories.

Her first book Just Because was released last Spring. Amber has created a unique and wonderful concept for young readers call \”The Flip Side.”  Amber created the The Flip Side  concept to teach children and adults that everyone has a story and many of these stories are not so apparent. Basically her books look at situation sor stories from two opposite sides.

\”The FSS series is a set of stories in poetic form written with two distinct perspectives of the same story,\” she recently shared during an interview on the MomnTot blog. \”They will help children to see another point of view or perspective and then in turn it will teach them empathy, to share the feelings of another. They also teach compassion. My goal is to give children a proactive approach to everyday situations that they are faced with and react to them in an appropriate way.\”

Just Because is a perfect example of this concept and not only do we love the concept, we also love the subject and story.

Just Because by Amber Housley\




Amber Housey has this wonderful interactive book available on her website to read and enjoy in full. We love what Amber is doing, and would like to support her and her work in any way we can. Read Just Because HERE.

If you would like the print version of Just Because, you can find it on her website. or on Amazon.

Just Because by Amber Housey

 \”Can we really make a change? We are so very small. If every person does their part, we can conquer all

Amber J. Housey lives in Michigan with her husband and three children (and two dogs Mango and Hershey). She holds a Masters degree in the Art of Teaching. She taught preschool for many years and later became a first and second grade teacher in her hometown. She created Flip Side Stories™ and has published her first in the Flip Side series called Just Because. She hopes to inspire empathy and compassion for others through her books.\

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