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Meet The Team Tuesday! Bernadette Emerson from Rhythm of the Home

From Valarie: Tuesdays are for sharing and I’m so happy to be sharing our team with you. Lately I’ve been receiving so many emails and comments on all of the blogs wondering how I get it all done. The answer to that question is that I have the most incredible people who make up the Audrey Press team. Without them nothing would get done. With them, every idea in my head is a possibility. All of us work virtually online and freelance. We live all over the world and every day is filled with fun creations. Without further ado, I present to you the doers, dreamers, and wizards of Audrey Press. This week we are “meeting” Bernadette Emerson from Rhythm of the Home. Welcome Bernadette!


Bernadette\’s Bio (In her words): I am a mama to two, navigating the waters of motherhood with fierce love and a lot of messiness. A former birth professional and passionate activist, I’m easing into a new life with my family, having moved away from our liberal village to my Midwest hometown.

Little Known Facts About Bernadette: (As described by her)

  • I was born to a rocket scientist and a theater director.
  • I grew up on a lake in Missouri, then lived in Colorado for 12 years. I\’m now back in Missouri…missing the mountains but once again with a lake in my backyard. 
  • I grew up pursuing all kinds of artistic interests, including classical and contemporary dance, piano, voice, acting, guitar, and most recently ukulele. In college I was the youngest member of an all-girl folk band with a musician, a pharmacist, and a sci-fi/fantasy writer.  
  • I\’ve attended hundreds of births in various roles, and caught a few babies as well. My own babies were both born in our bedroom. 
  • I love to read, sew, make soup, take photos, do art, daydream, acquire books, craft supplies, and art, and repeatedly move my cat off my keyboard.
  • On my first long trip (rafting) with my husband (then boyfriend) I was bitten by a rattlesnake in a place called Desolation Canyon. The only information our map/guidebook had on the snake was \”not usually fatal.\”
When not delivering babies and getting bit by snakes, Bernadette can be found working her creative magic at Rhythm of the Home with her co-editor and co-publisher Heather Fontenot. Bernadette and Heather began Rhythm of the Home in the hopes of uniting a community of parents, authors, artists and educators who share a vision for bringing families closer together through the celebration of nature through the seasons. It is their hope that Rhythm of the Home is a stepping stone to creating traditions and special moments for many years to come.-line magazine.
Bernadette is also a very important part of Audrey Press\’ editing process having worked on The Fox Diaries: The Year The Foxes Came To Our Garden, and the upcoming and highly anticipated The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Bernadette originally came on as a copy-editor for Audrey Press, but it was so clear after her copy-edit that she had great ideas on how to make our overall book flow better. From that point on it became a re-edit, and the books we have created today is due to Bernadette\’s hard work and incredible eye.  We\’ve come to greatly rely on her and her perspective during our creation process. Thanks for all that you do Bernadette!
Bernadette Emerson\