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Meet The Team Tuesday! Theresa Scholes from ClickVA Services

From Valarie: Tuesdays are for sharing and I’m so happy to be sharing our team with you. Lately I’ve been receiving so many emails and comments on all of the blogs wondering how I get it all done. The answer to that question is that I have the most incredible people who make up the Audrey Press team. Without them nothing would get done. With them, every idea in my head is a possibility. All of us work virtually online and freelance. We live all over the world and every day is filled with fun creations. Without further ado, I present to you the doers, dreamers, and wizards of Audrey Press. This week we are “meeting”  Theresa Scholes from ClickVA Services.  Welcome Theresa!\

Theresa\’s business is called Click Virtual Assistance and her services include social media, video marketing, and internet marketing strategies and implementation for the online business owner. Theresa established her business in 2007 and is a firm believer in matching the right actions to realistic goals. She also prides herself in being able to help time-strapped entrepreneurs use the social web to raise their profile and boost profits. Social Media is an amazing tool of business, and Theresa helps businesspeople tap into that tool to grow their businesses.

I love being a Virtual Assistant,” Theresa shares. “I love the challenge of learning new systems and skills, working with a variety of people, and the fact I have the freedom to work with people all over the world.”

Her areas of expertise range from Social media to on-line web marketing and video marketing. It\’s no secret that social media is ever-changing, but Theresa admits she enjoys the constant learning process and helping entrepreneurs with the technological aspects of selling and promotion through the internet. She is passionate about keeping up to date on the up-and-coming internet marketing trends of the future. “I enjoy being a part of the \’back of the house\’ operations for small business entrepreneurs.”

Now here\’s a peek at her personal life. Theresa lives in Victoria, British Columbia with hubby Jay (a financial planner) and children Olivia (16), Spencer (14), Paige (12). Theresa and family enjoy gardening and Victoria is known for its spectacular flower gardens. When I asked her to share something special about herself, she revealed she was one of 12 kids! Theresa credits her great sense of humor and strong sense of people skills to growing up in such a busy household.


It\’s those skills that help Theresa be creative and open-minded with clients. “I have to say I am proud of my ability to listen to my clients needs and come up with creative ideas for them,” Theresa shares. “I like finding ways to help them \’stand out\’ a little more and succeed with their business.”

As with all of our “Meet The Team” interviewees, we were anxious to get some entrepreneurial “words of wisdom” from Theresa.

I would say be patient,” Theresa offers with a smile. “And be sure and connect as much as you can. There\’s great benefit and comfort in networking with like-minded people. And most importantly, pay it forward. Don\’t be selfish. Help people when you can, because it\’s the right thing to do.”

Want to connect with Theresa and ClickVA? Find her on Twitter at @theresascholes, on Facebook at  or  email her at


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