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Free eBook Friday! Burly and Grum and the Secret City (A Burly and Grum Tale)


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Burlington Bear, Grum the groblin and Max are best friends. Burly and Grum show Max a secret city in the the middle of the forest but hunters are tracking them down. They knock out Burly, capture Max and want to turn the Secret City into a tourist attraction. Throw in some big cats, Grum\’s mother and brothers, Mike the Angel, a deer and a few ducks and the day becomes very exciting!

Max is a boy whose best friends are a bear named Burly and a groblin named Grum. Don\’t know what a groblin is? Neither did I until I read this book!

Burly is the conscience and rational, responsible one. Grum, as the name is short for, is the grumpy one. And then there\’s happy-go-lucky Max, the adventurous one. The three are about to undertake an adventure that leads them all to peril…

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REVIEWS: This book is the second in a series, but I didn\’t read the first and still found it fully functional as a stand alone. It is imaginative, full of whit and charm, and will make any child smile and wish they could have such adventures. After all, who hasn\’t wished that they could stumble upon an abandoned city in the woods?

The illustrations are terrific. They add to the story, and are well done. The story is easy going and subtle in the peril, but still make the reader jump and sit on the edge of their seat. Additionally, the Christian themes make it one that is good for young children without being too preachy.

In short, I love it. Its innocence makes it ideal to be read to younger readers (it\’s not too long – maybe 40 pages) or a good one for beginner chapter book readers. My son is 11, and I know he\’ll have a good time reading it, too.

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