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Three Upcoming Kidlit Titles from Eifrig Publishing

As we head into Month #4, the AP Team is hoping that your new year is going well. As always, we are on the hunt for new books that we are excited about. With that in mind, here are three forthcoming titles for 2024 from Eifrig Publishing.



They are passionate about helping kids develop into caring, creative, thoughtful individuals who possess positive self-images, celebrate differences, and practice inclusion. Eifrig Publishing’s books promote social and environmental consciousness and empower children as they grow in their communities.

Three Upcoming Kidlit Titles from Eifrig Publishing


Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime by Mia Wenjen



Mom is counting on Dad to get Boxer Baby down for her nap, but Boxer Baby is the G.O.A.T. of sleep avoidance. This hilarious face-off mimics a three-round boxing match, as Boxer Baby is no lightweight when it comes to staying awake.

Dad has a few tricks up his sleeve, but will it be enough in this epic battle against nap time?



An Accidental Hero by Laura Roettiger

When Wombat sees the bushfires raging out of control, she learns that helping those in need of sanctuary during a crisis provides unexpected rewards.


This STEM picture book, written as a newscast, was inspired by actual events during the fires that spread through New South Wales in 2019/2020. In January 2020, rescuers discovered animals ranging from wallabies to skinks to echidnas that survived by sheltering in wombat burrows, escaping the heat and smoke after losing their homes during the bush fires in New South Wales, Australia.


Wombats were praised for providing a safe refuge underground. While they didn’t invite other wildlife into their homes, they did truly become “accidental heroes.”

An Accidental Hero bridges the magical realm of childhood with the realities of living in a rapidly changing climate. It equips children with tools to understand and navigate the world around them. Books like this are hard to find, but we owe it to our youth to act on climate change, and to give them a better tomorrow. By taking on this real but difficult topic in a sweet and funny way, Laura Roettiger helps readers do both. -Lauren Giord, PhD, Human-Environment Geographer, Colorado State University



I’ll be Here by Jaclyn Yoo

“Now, I’m your mom, and I can tell you this: you don’t have to hide your feelings. Whatever you feel is ok.” I’ll Be Here is an intergenerational story about a child’s need to be seen and a parent’s promise to see her. Love requires many things, but most of all forgiveness and opportunities to start anew.


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Penny Eifrig is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Eifrig Publishing and the Executive Director of a literacy non-profit called Random Acts of Reading.: a book vending machine project for schools and Organizations.


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