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Proof That Reptiles Are Awesome | Joan Proctor, Dragon Doctor

{Guest post from Rebecca Flansburg}


Taking a Komodo Dragon for a stroll with Joan Proctor, Dragon Doctor.


That wouldn’t be so odd of a sight now, thanks to social media, but back in her day, there was one doctor who was turning a few heads with her love of reptiles.


I would have loved to meet here because, over the years, my family has discovered that VERY FEW PEOPLE share our enthusiasm for our snakes and lizards. It’s the weirdest thing.


What’s not to love?


Then I spotted the book, Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor by Patricia Valdez. I truly had a “YESSSS!!!” moment!


Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor by Patricia Valdez; illustrated by Felicita Sala Alfred A. Knopf



Author Felicita Sala’s child-friendly art and Patricia Valdez’s simple and engaging text chronicle Joan Procter’s life from girlhood to her untimely death at 34.



Despite struggling with chronic ill health, sexism from the scientists of the day, and general disinterest and fear of reptiles, Joan Procter made significant scientific contributions to the study of reptiles.



But your child doesn’t have to adore scaley things to be able to enjoy this book. The book shares the life of a truly fascinating woman and the illustrations give readers plenty of things to see.


Fun Fact: There are several pages in this book that provide the fun activity of “how many critters” can you find!