Never Miss a Beat

When the Ick Creeps Into Our Thinking

Guest Post from Author, Coach, and Semi-Flawed Human, Rebecca Flansburg


Our brain is a magical thing. It keeps up alive, breathing, flourishing, and learning.

But our grey matter has a dark side fueled by the not-so-great things we allow it to absorb. Even though having a wrinkly lump in our noggin is critical for life, we are the masters of our own brains.


And sometimes we don’t feed our brains very well.


When we catch negative thoughts creeping into our head, like I’m too fat, we need to replace those with positive ways. We need to reframe those. So instead of thinking/saying I’m too fat, say instead I honor and love my body in its present form.


It’s a tall order and oftentimes feels like a bald-faced lie. But the reality is that we all just people doing our best to navigate our short time on this planet. Spending time mentally berating ourselves for everything from weight and social status to fussing about the potential of finding a spider in our bananas is an epic waste of time and energy.


Here’s another thing to keep in mind. A very wise person once told me that the Universe has no sense of humor. 


So if you are continually saying/thinking things like “I have the worst luck ever!” or “I’ll never meet the person of my dreams,” the Universe (not knowing the difference between being dramatic and being dead serious) will go, “OK, cool. Here’s more of exactly THAT.”


Feeling angry, left out, resentful, jealous of others, and filled with self-loathing is a habit. And some pretty crappy ones at that.


It’s time to kick the “icky” thinking that is keeping us STUCK and unfulfilled to the curb and create new habits that will lift us up instead of drag us down.


We need to work on creating new habits that clears the fog of uncertainty and fear and discover something even BETTER.


Changing the way we think is a huge step, but also eliminating negative tones to our speech is vital too.


Sometimes just changing a few words in our thought and speech pattern can make a world of difference.


Instead of saying, It will be OK, say,  It is OK

Affirm that it’s “all good” now will bring more of that to you instead of always looking to the far-off future for relief.


Here’s another example of shifting our mindset. Instead of saying I hope there will be enough money, shift to the positive knowing that there will be enough money. 


I know this may sound like a bunch of b.s., but what would happen if you just put your doubts aside and just tried this new way of thinking for a month?




Give it a whirl. Honestly, you have nothing to lose and a ton to gain.


Rebecca Flansburg is a veteran writer, blogger, and small business owner. She is also a non-fiction/memoir ghostwriter and book coach who helps non-writers share their story with the world. Connect with her via Instagram @BeckyFlansburg