Never Miss a Beat

The Practice of Stillness


Being “still” and not doing anything can be challenging for many people.


Myself included.

We are a society of doers and creators, thinkers and problem-solvers. These are all good things, but we also need to remember that our bodies are not machines.


I remember when I was first introduced to the idea of setting aside time in my day to just BE


No scrolling, plotting, planning, wondering, or worrying. The thought alone made me squirm with apprehension. But, but, but how will everything get done?? I remember fussing. 


But here’s the thing, when I finally embraced the idea that it was perfectly okay to rest, decompress, and breathe, I became a better version of myself as a result.


And nothing crashed to the ground, unraveled, and failed because I honored myself enough to just be for fifteen minutes (sometimes more) every day.


Author, Mindfulness Teacher, and Holistic Coach, mentor, boss, and bestie Valarie Budayr said it best:  “When we are in this new Practice of Stillness, that’s when we can begin to focus on rewiring and releasing all the negative programming that has been dominating our lives for so long.”


This wisdom and much more can be found in her latest book, Thrive: Living a Self-Healed Life.



Just like seasonal storms dissipate, these times of unrest will as well. If something feels uncomfortable or is full of drama and difficulty, this is a time to shift perception and ask, “What’s the lesson in this?”


When those harsh winds of life blast us in the face, we can choose to bend like a reed and navigate it with strength and determination. Remember, the stiff and unbending trees are the first to be snapped off in a storm.


We can’t control anything, but we can create our experience and influence. We can influence our focus, energies, and visions of what we want. We’re all trying to achieve something here. Just let that urge go, surrender, and see what walks into its place. {excerpt from Thrive: Living A Self-Healed Life}


About Thrive


For centuries, we have been taught to look “outside” of ourselves when it comes to healing illness, trauma, and dis-ease. Everything we need to nurture, heal, and feed our authentic spirit is right within our bodies. As a Board-Certified Sound Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher, Valarie Budayr teaches readers how to manifest their path of self-discovery and self-healing through the Four Pillars: Breath, Movement, Sound, and Meditation.


As a trauma survivor, Valarie bares her soul and retells the story of her awakening and journey to living a self-healed life. By telling her story, she also encourages others to tell their own stories, shed the toxic beliefs holding them back, and begin a new journey of living a self-healed life filled with wonder, curiosity, and peace.


Learn more about Valarie and Thrive HERE.