Never Miss a Beat

Spring Activities with A Year In The Secret Garden!

Back in February, the world was all a’twitter when Shadow Master Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter.

Phil is a great tradition, but we all know that winter ends when it’s ready to, and only then can we start enjoying spring.

Warmer temps and thawing soil makes many folks dream and plan gardens of all types. Digging in the dirt is a form of therapy-ask any gardener!

The love of the seasons, family time, and having outdoor adventures are just a few things that inspired the book I co-authored with my good friend, Marilyn Scott-Waters.

A Year in the Secret Garden is a labor of love between two creative people who wanted to bring a classic children’s tale to life and encourage families to step away from the computer and into the garden, craft room, and kitchen.

A Year in the Secret Garden is an opportunity to introduce a new generation of families to the magic that is The Secret Garden.

With over 120 pages, 150 original color illustrations, and 48 activities, your family and friends will be crafting, cooking, enjoying, learning, and playing together with monthly activities inspired by the characters and events of the original children’s classic. Every month readers will get to meet another Secret Garden character, as well as experiencing original crafts and activities based on the book.

A List of Flowers Mentioned in The Secret Garden

    • Climbing Roses

    • Snowdrops

    • Crocuses = Purple, Orange, And Gold

    • Narcissus

    • Jonquils

    • Daffydowndillys.

    • Purple Flags

    • White Poppy

    • Blue Larkspur

    • Mignonette

    • Poppies = Satiny Poppies Of All Tints

    • Lilies O’ The Valley

    • Canterbury Bells

    • Campanulas.

    • Daffodils

    • Apple Blossoms

    • Iris and white lilies rose out of the grass in sheaves

    • Blue and white flower lances of tall Delphiniums or Columbines or Campanulas

    • Lilies = Sheaves of late Lilies standing together—White or white and ruby.

Many moments of our childhoods were spent inside the pages of the Secret Garden. How we whiled away the hours wishing we could rummage through the hallowed hallways of Misselthwaite manor or befriend Mary, Colin, and Dickon, having many happy hours of adventures inside the walls of the Secret Garden with them.

Those who have ordered my A Year In The Secret Garden understand that to hold this book in your hands is the key to unlocking the imaginings of two little girls who grew up and decided that they had found the key to the secret garden after all and could explore it anytime they wanted to. 

Month by month, readers will experience many moments in the garden, with activities, crafts, and games, a mixture of character stories, exquisite paper toys and cutouts, and wonderful eats from the kitchen of Misselthwaite Manor.

These moments encourage curiosity, exploration, creativity, discovery, and a key to unlocking this favorite childhood tale for all to enjoy and experience. 

Wishing you many happy moments inside your very own Secret Garden.

Happy Reading!