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6 Benefits of Creating E-Books for Children

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a decade since my interactive digital ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, came to life on iBooks. The technology was so new back then, and this book was on the cutting edge.


I know now that my dream of capturing the world of Willy Wonka on an e-reader was likely ahead of its time.



From the first moment we decided to explore the world of Charlie and create The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we knew it would be created as an e-book. Unlike many e-books, The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was always designed to be an e-book from the moment of its initial conception.


Why an e-book, you ask?


Our first thought in creating The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was to open the discussion on how we create screen-time balance in our children’s lives. I’ve heard many arguments, both pro-screen and anti-screen, but the piece of the conversation that was missing was the one about creating balance.

The reality is that technology is here to stay. Even if we choose to have a home that is screen-free, at some point, our children will be introduced to the world of technology through their schools or via their friends.


For myself, creating balance in my family goes beyond implementing a whole bunch of rules and guidelines that must be obeyed. We’ve always taught our children through play and role-modeling, as well as setting guidelines.


While creating our Charlie e-book, we came up with this list of attributes that we wanted to achieve in our final product.


1. Creating Balance: The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was created to enchant and delight, inspire the discovery of new ideas, and jump into a world only imagined. E-books are designed as a way for you to enjoy your time inside the pages of the book, but also as an option that can be “turned off” so you can go play with family and friends. Experiencing the world of Charlie and Willy Wonka via e-book is one of balance, flexibility, and family togetherness.



2. Protecting the Earth’s Resources: Virgin forests throughout the world are being destroyed at an alarming rate. In lieu of possibly contributing to the problem, we placed our intention of teaching ecology and conservation by making The Ultimate Guide to Charlie fully alive on the screen. Readers still have the option to download the templates, recipes, and printables that they may need from a download website and do so as they need them.


3. Enhancements: It was important for us that “Charlie” actively engaged its readers with our being a passive form of entertainment. Inside the pages of The Ultimate Guide to Charlie, you will find light animations, beautifully produced videos that are captivating and engaging, and a book that is easy to navigate, read, and explore.



4. Easy to Navigate: Our book designers had a huge job in hyperlinking the 195 pages which make up The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Readers can easily move back and forth between chapters and activities throughout the book. We also created a Chocolate Factory map which can get you anywhere you want to go right within the story. A top-hat icon is placed in each chapter to take you back to the Table of Contents giving readers free rein to where they travel. 


This allows children, families, and friends to access the story and adventure from any point they choose. If you feel like making gum, you can start there. If you’re in the mood for chocolate, you can start there. This book is frustration-free thanks to easy navigation and built-in flexibility.


5. Easy Accessible Links: In our resource section, we’ve placed several links. These links will take the reader’s journey to the next level, as well as go to links of product sites to get supplies. It was important for us that readers could access those links easily while not having to leave the book. 


Can you imagine hearing author Roald Dahl discussing his book with children? Visiting his home and his museum? All of this becomes part of the magic of this ebook by having links carefully placed and linked within the page of the book.


6. Creating Memories: Our final and most important goal with Charlie is to offer wonderful activities, so you, your family, and your friends can experience one of the most beloved books of all time. While engaging in and practicing creative reading by jumping into the pages of our books, we instill a great love of reading. Play is a great vehicle to teach problem-solving skills through imagination as well as creating memories that last a lifetime. 


Throughout the years, my family has jumped and adventured into the pages of hundreds of books. The characters in those stories are not words on a page but friends we have journeyed with together. We see the world through their eyes. It is truly a sad thing when our stories end, but there is always the next book.



About The E-Book

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply


Come along on a journey into one of the most beloved children’s books of all times. The Golden Tickets have been found!!  For one day the lucky ticket finders will be able to visit the infamous Mr. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. With the help of Crazy Racing Oompa Loompas, Gobstopper Gum, and handmade Willy Wonka Hats, you and your child will enter a world of memory-making moments.

Welcome to the world of Willy Wonka and The Ultimate Guide To Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.


The Ultimate Guide To Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is just that: a Guide. A step-by-step roadmap to a magical world the whole family can enjoy:

*Over 20 Crafts and Activities that not only entertain but educate. Ever wonder where chocolate comes from? Or how gum is made? Conduct experiential activities in the areas of crafting, cooking, and game-playing as well as exploring many facets of candy production.


*A chance to “meet” original Willy Wonka author himself, Roald Dahl.


*The option to take Charlie’s journey over the course of several days or take shorter journeys if you wish.


*The creation of a new ritual of reading time with your family and the opportunity to experience the reading of this imaginative tale as a group activity, not a solitary event.

A unique collaboration between co-authors Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply, this dynamic duo has crafted a fantastic world that leaps from the pages and coaxes the reader to immerse themselves in the anticipation of adventure.


Re-awaken the passion and idea of “jumping” inside the pages of this book with the knowledge that each chapter is a gateway into a magical world.


A magical world that leaves a lasting impression of an adventure and a journey shared. Each step and activity leads us further down the path of this unfolding story and brings it to life through activity, play, and camaraderie. Delve into the pages of this childhood classic using The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Unplug and enjoy these moments and the lasting memories you create together.


When we weave collaborative play into the fabric of our everyday life, we open the door to transforming our relationships, our viewpoints and perspectives on creating happiness, and the joy of innovating with our children.”  Valarie Budayr


Even now, ten years later, it is my hope that The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will bring you, your family, and your friends many happy reading moments and adventures.


Grab your copy on Apple Books and tap into the magic!