Never Miss a Beat

Easy Ideas for Better Winter Mental Health

We can’t hide from the winter months no matter where we live.

“Winter months” can range from “chilly” to “dangerously cold,” depending on where you live.

It’s a time of being indoors instead of outdoors more as well. Many people welcome this season of slower living, while others dread the gloominess and cold.  Seasonal Affect Depression is a thing, but there are ways to keep the darkness at bay.

Challenge Your Brain

The colder months of the year are a great time to try something new that will nurture your brain, thus enhancing your mood. Check into learning a new skill like painting, knitting, or even competitive ax throwing. Our brain loves to be fed new information, so discover new ways to give it some fuel. 

Lean on Your Furry, Feathery, or Fin-y Friends

Studies have shown that petting a furry critter can drastically reduce stress. I can personally vouch for how calming my scaly babies are. Pets give us someone else to love, nurture, and fuss over. The unconditional love of a family pet can raise your serotonin levels and help to shake off bad moods as well. Plus, they are just good company when we are feeling lonely and blue.

Embrace Nature (Even When it’s Freaking COLD)

I get it-it’s cold out. I don’t like feeling my toes going numb or my nose hairs freezing any more than you.  

But I also LOVE how the crisp winter air feels in my lungs.

Despite the challenges and mild discomfort of cold temps, getting outside to breathe fresh air and get the sun’s Vitamin D3 into our eyeballs is a great thing for overall health. No one is asking you to run a marathon or take up dog sledding (unless you really want to…then GO FOR IT),  but a brisk outdoor walk once a day will do wonders on clearing your head and boosting your mood.

What do you do to keep active and chase the winter blahs away?