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Another Charming Dragon Tale: The Dragon Who Didn’t Like Fire

From the award-winning Gemma Merino, author of the iconic The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water (over half a million copies sold worldwide), The Dragon Who Didn’t Like Fire is a deeply funny story about acceptance, difference, and unconditional love.



Everybody knows that dragons can breathe fire, right? But one day, a family of baby dragons popped out of their eggs and immediately began doing “dragon-y” things like flapping their wings and breathing fire.



All except one little dragon. Unlike her brothers and sisters, this little dragon is different. She didn’t like fire and was not bold and brave like her siblings. These things she didn’t mind, but she was very sad that her wings never grew in. 



Oh, how fun it would be to fly! Determined to fit in, this plucky little dragon tries inventing various ways to take flight, but all fail. Especially the last attempt, where she finds herself plunging into the lake. 



Her father had warned her the lake water was cold and yucky, but the little dragon LOVED swimming about. “This feels amazing!” she thought to herself.


Could it be that this little dragon isn’t a dragon at all?


This enchanting story has the sweetest illustrations, and the surprise twist at the end will leave everyone exclaiming, “Ooohhhhh! I get it!”


This wonderful book would be an excellent addition to any home or school bookshelf.