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The Top Audrey Press Articles of 2022!

One of our favorite things to do before the New Year arrives is to look back at the previous year and see what topics were most popular with readers. Here are some of our most popular blog posts from 2022!





Our readers are primarily parents, caregivers, and educators, so it’s no surprise that our booklists continue to draw people in. Here are a few of our favorites so you can click and see what you may have missed!



Must Read Books about Quietly Amazing People






Delightful Books About DRAGONS!







Great Kidlit Books about Famous Conservationists






A Powerful Booklist for International Women’s Day




Excellent Guest Posts from Super Smart People



The Ap Team loves welcoming great guest posts from innovative and influential folks like these:



Homeschooling Is a Wonderful Experience Until it’s NOT. Guest Post from Homeschooling Coach Afsaneh Moradian M. Ed



There is nothing fun or wonderful about dealing with a homeschooler resisting learning.



Many parents respond by praising their children, telling them how capable they are and that they should just try. Sometimes that works, often it doesn’t. Read the article in its entirety HERE.



Live Vibrantly |Beginning a new journey of living a self-healed life



For centuries, we have been taught to look “outside” of ourselves when it comes to healing illness, trauma, and dis-ease. In reality, everything we need to nurture, heal, and feed our authentic spirit is right within our bodies. 



In her bookThriveLiving A Self-Healed Life, author Valarie Budayr teaches you how to manifest your path of self-discovery and self-healing. Learn more at



The “Oldies, But Goodies” Series


If you had followed along in 2022, the AP Team had a ton of fun revisiting older book reviews. Why? Because even though these titles may have been published a few years ago, they are still excellent books that will enchant and delight your young readers. 


Here are a few favs.





Oldies, but Goodies | Great Kidlit for Summer Reading


Oldies, but Goodies | Great Kidlit for Summer Reading PART TWO

Oldies, but Goodies | Great Summer Reading for Advanced Readers

Oldies, but Goodies | Great Summer Reading for Littles

Oldies, but Goodies Book Review | Awesome Books for Crafty Kids

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